1.14 Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap Part 1

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Video Transcription
Okay, We're just gonna do this last section again. Just discard that last section. It was to child being must out. But I don't think coming up bring up the documents. So let's just start this from scratch.
Cloud computing standards.
All right now, as promised, here we are at the Cloud Computing Standards world map, which, of course, comes to us from Miss. It's in special publication, 500 batch to 91 again, our focus here. Standardization. Let's have standard.
I feel secure, consistent
interoperable access, interoperability compliance In our immigration czar interfaces are practices, immigration, all those elements, all of those things. We want to be followed. We want to follow best practices
in a standardized
baba food process that's widely accepted. Interrupt. That's what I'm getting at here. So the importance of standardization with cloud computing if every organization is doing their own thing coming out with the next latest greatest application and they want that application because it's theirs to be proprietary,
well, it makes it harder for us to connect to that application.
You know, the same idea is we're charged. That's a service, and you're very proprietary about your service and it only works with your father. Well, you know, a lot of times vendors will say, Well, that keeps customers coming back to me. You know what? What it does is it irritates customers. And
if most people would have to others, they would choose standardization in a lot of bills. So that's what we're looking for
in this document from Miss. Of course, that's witnessed in general trusts.
So the cloud service is wrote back all of the areas that are in the cloud service is road map, these big topics of discussion. So interoperability. So making sure that, you know, we just said that with standardization,
privacy protections, security, resilience, high availability
and the cloud service is road map is gonna address each one of these issues from standard space perspective. So we'll go ahead and look at each of these areas in just a moment.
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