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all right. Now we talked about the different service is we talk about infrastructures of service we talked about platform is a service and we talked about software's A service and those ideas, if you're new to them, they could be confusing. There seems, you know, a little bit of overlap and which one is which One of the benefits.
So I tried to talk about this in relation to pizza,
because again,
anything you can relate to Pizza. I think most people can relate to pizza. So I want to just look at this from from sort of the standpoint. It's not 100% perfect analogy, but I just want you to see this and see if this helps you the way you think about. Okay, Um,
I make pizzas. I make homemade pizza, make the dough homemade. I make the sauce homemade.
I do pizzas, right? My family wants my pizza. So at least once a week, I'm making pizza.
Now the word got out that I make a lot of pizza and I make a lot of really good pizza. So sometimes the neighbors will stop by on pizza Fridays and sometimes some relatives that I hadn't been keeping in touch with this much start to stop by on Friday. And all of a sudden I'm having to make pizzas on Thursday and Friday.
Now I had folks want pizzas on Tuesday.
I'm selling a lot more. I'm not selling. I'm making a lot more pizza.
And I think, Gosh,
if everybody loves my pizza, why don't I sell it?
Sounds good. Let's make some money. So I've got a couple of options here. I am now going to sell pizza. That is my life here.
One thing I could do is I can go out and I could buy facility. I can buy my own ovens.
I can choose the tiling. I can choose the material the buildings made out off. I can choose the color paint. I can choose the degree off lighting. I can choose everything refrigeration equipment. I can get the latest greatest brands or I can
go cheap and buys and used equipment.
All the decisions are mine, right? I have full control.
I also have responsibility for everything.
Everything that happens to produce a pizza is my responsibility, okay? And we don't just mean that from a legal standpoint, but We mean that from a call skin point. We mean that from an effort standpoint. And I just like, Oh, my gosh, I don't take this on. What if the business doesn't work?
You know, I just spend $2 million on these facilities and all this great equipment. Now, sudden, nobody wants my pizza.
Right? So there are a lot of risks associated, so I think. Well, how else could I do this? Because I still want to sell pizza. I just I'm not sure I'm going all in just yet.
Well, one of the things that we have in Silver Spring is we have these little facilities called They're not really called. Kitchen is a service that I forget what they're called. But they literally our kitchen's a service.
So basically, what they have is they have an environment that has you come in and they got countertops. They have some very high quality cooking equipment, great pots and pans. Really shark cutlery. They have. You know all of these elements that
I could use to cook a meal?
A I don't have to buy anything. I don't have to buy opens. I left a buy refrigeration units I don't have to file that stuff now. What I do have to have, though, is I have to have when I'm gonna eat. They don't provide you any food there. It's just a kitchen.
So one night, if I want to go in and cook Linguini, I can. The next night, I want to make a chicken. I could do that next night. I want to make a pizza. I can do that. I have full flexibility. But I also have to have full control.
And by that I mean, I've got to make my own pizza crust from scratch. I've got to buy the ingredients, chop the ingredients. I've got to make sure that I am not cross contaminating ingredients because of food allergies. Um,
I have to make sure that the oven is turned on properly.
I'm not responsible for the hardware, except
I have to make sure that its usage is proper. If I turn it up to 6000 degrees and I leave it,
you know, night after night. Ultimately, there might be some harm, but but really, that hardware itself and I probably wouldn't even be found liable so that, you know, I have to use the equipment to meet my needs. I have to determine what those needs are. Basically.
And I'm responsible for everything I make. I bring my food in, I prepare it.
I cook it, wrap it up and take it home. E could cook whatever I want.
I can configure everything exactly as I wanted to be. Because I'm in control. Gave me
tons of flexibility,
my tons of flexibility. I'm in control of everything, right? That gives me some room to make mistakes. But I have a full solution
now. The next step, I think. Well, you know what? I'm kind of tired of making my own pizza dough rise. I've got to
traveled the seven continents and bring in salt from each continent because that's the perfect mix of my pizza dough.
I don't
I don't,
Right. I don't make pizza dough. And honestly, I don't wanna have toe, you know, go in and chop all the toppings. I don't wanna have to do all that stuff. I'm just gonna make pizza, and that's what I want to do.
So I decide that kitchen is a service. Leaves me with too much responsibility for what I want to do. I don't need a full kitchen solution. I'll cook my family meals at home, right? I'm just looking to deal with this with pizza for now, right? Infrastructure, as the service is just too much for me to have to worry about.
All right, So the next piece I buy, I talked to my local manager dominant feature. He's got a little dominos pizza store down the street. And I say, Listen, um, I'd like to come in
and I'd like to use your dough. I'll give you a good price for it. Use your ovens. Use your facility. Use your boxes right. I'll give you a good price for everything.
All right, he agrees.
Now what I can't do. I can't walk in there and make chicken right. It's a piece of shop. I'm there. He's allowed me to make pizza in his facility for
Hey, I don't get that flexibility. I no longer get to customize my dough and have gluten free and almond flour crossed. Or this that or the other. I get the pizza dough that they give me, but I can build a lot with pizza. Pizza go in the oven. I could choose what toppings
I can choose shape of my toppings.
I can choose what toppings to offer. I can choose how high to set the temperature, how long I bake it. So I still get some control there now. It doesn't solve every solution I have in the world of food.
But what it does do is it helps me address this one area of my business that's expanding. That's growing.
I need to sell pizza. Therefore, this is a solution. Platforms. A solution will help me design an environment which I can sell Pizza. It's platform is a service. Okay, I have flexibility within the context of this function.
I'm building software. I have flexibility with what software languages I use or what code I use, how I tested. But it's still just gonna be software, right? I'm not setting up a network environment with platform is a service. I'm just developing software. Right. That's gonna be a part of my ***.
You know what? I got to tell you the truth.
I am tired of making pizza Just tired, making pizza,
spent too many Collins, too many nights making pizza on dog
friend calls me up and says, Hey, can you bring home a pizza? And I say Yes.
And I call the full number for dominoes. Give him the address and say Bring him a pizza and ask him to pay when you get there
and that's pizza service or software's a service. I don't want to design my own software anymore. I don't want to build an infrastructure in which all of this computing has to happen, right? I just want to do a specific function.
I All I want to do is help my friends get pizza, so
call me. I'll take care of the ordering process for you. But you can't order artichokes on pizza. Donna lives. They don't give, it writes. When I call Domino's, I don't get any more flexibility. It all I don't get to choose except a set list of toppings.
I don't get to say, Hey, can you cut the onions into triangles? Because I think that's the meat.
No, no, no. What do I get? They take care of everything for me. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Here's your pizza will even deliver it.
What did you get?
Not much, You know, I got I'll get the pizza. In the end, right? My friends will get to use that service or that software
so that software service. So I hope that that helped a little bit because the idea is different. Needs require different things If I want a full solution for my working environment, Infrastructures of service is one, and it can save me a lot of money
because instead of all this expensive technology on site
is owned by someone else, it's someone else's responsibility.
But to build my network off of that, they're just allowing me. They're part of this resource pool that they have, and I have to design an architect and build the network. So, for instance, is if I've got 300 employees were using infrastructures and service. All that means is
my hardware, my facility.
There's somewhere else. I still have to do the same stuff I would have to do, right. We still need a network
acted stall, operating systems, all that stuff,
I've come up with a way to make money
I'm gonna do I want to build an online gambling database.
Hey, I'm not trying to support my 500 employees. All I want is for somebody to be able to
check lottery winnings, maybe we'll say that. Let's get away from online gambling. Let's just because the lottery so different gambling. But let's just say, Oh, I know, I know my dad, God love. It's 84 years old, still calls me three times a week. That asked me if I checked the lottery numbers
and he can check him. He just won't do it, and he asks me to go find out and read them off to him.
I tell you the truth.
Some days, if I don't have time to do it, I just make stuff up,
Make up the numbers. I'll give you five numbers. I don't know what I'm gonna do if I ever get in the five number she's chosen, but so it's a hassle for me. So you know what? I want to design an application that he can click on a button on his phone and he convey you with the lottery numbers. For you know, this week has been
that's not solving my everyday working environment. But that is creating software to make a job easy.
Okay, I'll develop that application. Using platform is a service
so that I can create it so it'll work on his android or my cousin smartphone. Or you can access it on your Mac or whatever, Right? Any lots of tools to make sure the working all those environments and that's configured properly. We need to make sure that it's designed to take that information.
Bring that information from a reliable source and allow access to it. But platform is the service
or software's A service
office 3 65
Whether it's any of those
Federal Express wants you to be a well, really they use platform sisters, but you get the idea right. So it's really important to understand those subtle differences across seas. And again, what do you control versus what are you responsible for? So if you look at this chart
you manages and blew, the vendor manages
is in green, that doesn't necessarily indicate responsibility so much as
it doesn't indicate responsibilities. It really let's take it to this slide is probably a better way to look at it. And let's look at okay in infrastructure platform software, what is managed by the Cloud service provider what's managed by us.
So software's service everything's managed by the CSP
infrastructures of service.
Everything above the virtual machine is managed by US. Platform service is a little bit different, Remember?
Always and forever.
Liability for data is on the consumer or the custodian
us, the customer
facility and hyper visor.
So the facility, the hardware and the hyper visor will always be the cloud service providers responsible.
And then everything else is somewhere in the middle, depending on your shows.
All right, go back and review that. Make sure you're solid on it. Really important. Building block for everything we're gonna do from here on out.
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