1.11 Cloud Service Models Part 3: PaaS

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Okay. Now our next service is platform. It's a service. And when you think of platform is the service is is particularly helpful for software development. For someone who's developing software, you know, to build a software package, you gotta have a lot of tools.
Libraries there, you know, automation, tools testing.
You gotta have the specific environment. You've got to be able to test different. Uh, what's the word I'm looking for? Uh, you gotta be able to test your application in different environments. There's a lot that's required to build an application today. Cost money and a lot of organizations. If
software development
development is not their primary function, a lot of organizations don't want to spend all that money,
so we might use platform is a service, and that gives us the environment where you have operating system, we can choose our software language. We can work with the application that we're choosing to develop.
We have, you know, access to a database on the back end, you know, So I might build a Web app that selects solicits information from customers. That information gets stored in a database on the back end. That's all part of platform is a service
primarily focused on software development, whether such that you can think it for this
now. Um,
yeah, there we go. Good thing here. Multiple languages.
Remember, today there's so many Vier variables on how users air connecting the applications. Smartphones, tablets, watches,
laptops, desktops and all of these devices have distinctly different capabilities, right, Whether it's display size or computing, you compute. Resource is whatever
so platforms the service is gonna allow me to choose what's best for each type of environment. Be able to test out in view the elements. Um,
it allows me a good deal of flexibility I want to create based on a standardized language that standardized platform standardized AP eyes, which are application programming interfaces. We'll talk about those in a in a little bit, but ultimately we want to be able to do is to create standardized code
that's very flexible
that will sit in your environment regardless what your environment ISS. So big thing for past think software developers
the problems with pass or are really kind of the same problems that you face in any environment. You know, when you're looking at any software development environment, not just as a service, but just software development in general, you know, well designed application.
How does your resource accent? I mean, how does your application access resource is like memory
or how is, you know, a house? A request passed along,
uh, first before to the c p. Or how is storage a file management? Any of those pieces are all part of software development,
right? So that applies for platform is a service user level permissions within your application. How do you ensure that only the right user gets the right access to perform the rite function or access the right data?
Um, and that goes with the access management to you know how they identify. Haven't they authenticate? How's that authentication verified? How's the authorization process handled
and then last, not least protection against Matt, where you develop software. They will find a bug in it. They will find an exploit. So how do I handle that? How does the software monitored? How do I respond to changes? How doe I modify myself words such a way that it stays current. Stacy.
All right, So
software development this isn't necessarily unique. Just the platform's a service. But these air certainly security issues with software development
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