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6 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to the Sea. Risk Review. My name's Kelly Hander hand and I'm gonna be your instructor throughout the course. And, of course, see risks stands for certified in risk and information systems control. So we're gonna look a lot of risk management
in relation to information security.
So I want to welcome you and just do a brief introduction. This particular course is going to cover a lot of information in our first domain, which is really have labeled domain zero because we haven't gotten to the material yet. We're going to just talk about the preliminaries. I'll give you a little bit about my background
and then we'll talk about I Sacha. And what the sea risk certification is about, what your requirements are.
I'll talk a little bit about the exam, and then we'll go through a course agenda.
So for my information, I've been in cybersecurity for about 20 years now, and I've really kind of run the gamut of the various roles I started out with as ah, hardware technician and moved up all the way to um, see, I own my own company now,
so ultimately, I've kind of traversed the spectrum and I've worked in the field primarily. My focus has been on networking information Assurance.
Ah, public key infrastructure firewall configurations. Ah, prior to moving into more of a management role Ah, risk management has been essential to everything that I've done. And I think that it is essential for anyone that wants to exist in the information security field today.
We've gotta have that risk
understanding. Um, as I mentioned, I've been around for a while, so I have various certifications C I S S P and C Risk and schism and the certifications air really necessary. Where I live, I live in the D C area and information security. This field today mandates certification. So
I've gone through lives more certifications other than what are listed here. But of course, see, risk
is the most relevant. My information and my email address down in the bottom here Kelly h at cyber train dot i t That's my company. Don't confuse it with cyber Eri. It's a different company cyber train dot i t And in this business this is
my organization And this is where I come and train in person as opposed to doing the videos that I do for cyber? Very so
if you have any questions for me or any interest in online are live in person training, you can certainly Simeon email at Cyber train dot
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