1.1 Introduction

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everyone welcome to the VPC fundamentals Course. My name is Ken over your instructor for this course in this video, we're gonna talk about some of the pre RECs for this course as well as the intended audience will go over my background a little bit as your instructor, as well as any supplementary material available with the course and the general course structure.
So for pre RECs, you definitely want to be familiar with AWS terminology. We're not gonna cover much of that in this course. You'll hear me mention things like VPC. So he should. You have to have a basic understanding of AWS terminology as well as understanding of how to navigate in the AWS dashboard, which is pretty easy. And we do have a step by step guide
in our lab section which will walk you through setting up a VPC
and also handy, having a background in networking or some understanding of general networking concepts. So when I mentioned subject, you actually know what that is. So that will really help you in this particular course.
This course is intended for anyone new to VPC or AWS in general. Again, vpc is going to stand for a virtual private cloud
and anyone studying for any AWS certification. So this kind of, Ah, very, very entry level type, of course. And it's a good thing to give you some foundation of knowledge for those certifications.
So who am I? Of course I'm Can Underhill, your instructor. I currently hold the EEC Council certified ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigator certifications. I also hold a graduate degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. I am an agent professor of digital forensics and I also recently as to the filming of this course
one. The SC Media 2019 Reboot Leadership Award
for outstanding educator.
So with this course, I've got a step by step lab guide for the V P C. Section, where we actually set up a V p. C inside of our AWS counsel. So if you find that the video there goes to to slower too fast, just use that downloadable resource to follow along and do the hands on lab.
Speaking of labs again, there's a hands on lap for this component. And just understand that any time you're doing something inside of the AWS console in your account, there may be a charge associated with that. So just keep that in mind as we set up things. If you're not gonna actually use them after you go through the course, be sure to delete anything that we set up out of your console
And then also, we've got a couple of power point lecture. So of course, this introduction one as well as the conclusion and one just kind of introducing what VPC actually is and given some background on that
and then again, the hands on components just inside of the AWS stash port.
So this video, we talked about some of the pre RECs for this course. We talked about the intended audience as well as my background as your instructor. We also talked through the fact that you'll get a step by step lab guides to be sure to download that from the resource is section of the course and the core structure as well.
In the next video, we're gonna go ahead and introduce you to what VPC actually is.
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