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Video Transcription
Hello. My name is Adebisi, Turkish Lira, and I'll be talking about the course. Sisko changes 2019 on this episode is that Cisco Truck updates parts one
before the consignor name might be asking who should take this course? Well, this cost is perfect for you. If you are. This is called Professional Opens. We'll learn about the changes in this is Coco's consents. Are you an experience? I too professional, and you're open to start a certification journey in Cisco.
Oh, yeah, One of those people open to guests into the world off. I'd see on you feel that Cisco passes the parts you want to use.
Oh, you're just one of those people inquisitive to learn about the recent changes made by Cisco on their Cisco parts.
Mother prerequisites. For this course, you would need a working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system or a MacBook
for supplemental materials. You would need a computer with Internet connection toe access, Cisco websites and resource is
you would also need access to the PS in via the Web page Francisco exams. Pearson is the body responsible for taking Cisco exams. You register with Pierce and Beauty to take your Cisco exams. Is that the making off this video? The pricing for the exams was diagnosed,
so it's going to be a very good thing in future. It's just
this is the Pearson V Page to know the prices for the exams.
Now a little bit about me.
My name is Adam Sakashita.
I'm a technical specialist with over eight years experience in deploying amens in complex networks. I am CCMP certified in Cisco Voice Rights Demonstration and Cisco Wallace. I also have a lot of experiences security on projects, management,
fun facts about me.
I play a bunch of musical instruments and I love cooking.
Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn via my name had a B c a cashew.
Also, if you have any comments or information he likes to ask me about, I just want to send me an email. Consent me an email ambi city at hotmail dot com.
The cost objectives At the end of this course, you will learn about the recent updates mad by Cisco in the current certification parts.
You will also be able to decide on which party would like to follow in the Cisco Walt.
The cost structure. This causes an eye level overview off the recent changes made by Cisco.
Pop Quiz.
I am currently a programmer. Is there any field for me in the new Cisco Trucks
option? A. No Cisco exams is mine's purely for network engineers.
Option B. Yes, Cisco as trucks suitable for programmers and people involved in development. Cisco Applications on Option C No
Cisco certification does not include any program ability. Automation.
Which do you think it is?
You guess why it's option B. Yes. Cisco Ash trucks suitable for programmers on people involved in Cisco applications.
Cisco updates
Currently to become Mrs Cho certified professional. Their number of exams are required to take
starting point for almost everybody. See any for you to be able to progress up from CC any to CCMP under N C. C. I. And you would agree media a number of trucks, quite a number of them. You have about send trucks we have routing and switching collaboration Deal a sense our wireless on a bunch of them.
But that is the school life twins in 19. This is committed our announcements. All the exams were going to be revamped from 60 any to the expert level suicide. Every one of them. We're going to be revamped now if you currently preparing for the exam time Biscuit. There's a migration parts.
The new exams were to go live by February 24 2 2020 Savior currently Dina and Exam. We're preparing for an exam. It's gonna be a great thing to finish the exam before them.
The big changes that we meet,
a decision, any level. There is not going to be one consolidated level training, an example that covers the fundamentals off all levels off cc Any that this was really, really great.
I remember when I started my journey, insisted school. I wanted to become a collaboration. Experts I answered my sissy any rights demonstration because as a day it was a prerequisite from sissy and a rotten intuition. Then I had to do see any voice. After that, I had ended my CCMP invoice, which was quite a number of exams. What schizo now is saying
that's entry level.
No need to do too many exams. You're just doing one exam for question on CCN, which is quite great.
There was a new definite certification which is available at associates specialised a professional level to validate your software development skills.
Now this one was the big one. There is no prerequisites required. Any associates specialised professional, expert level certification. What this means, in essence, is this. You can start your certification journey from anywhere
you feel. Yeah, skilled enough to start from the professional level, or you don't feel you have skilled enough to start from the expert level, Scott says. Go for it is especially good for people that have worked, and I have had experience. Over time. I feel like study from the CDC any well. It would do me much good.
Let me just start from the professional level expert level,
Cisco says Go for heads.
Also now Cisco Say's You could use continuing education credits for recertification on this continent. Educational credits are going to be available for Sissy. Any specialist CCMP on CC I
now. Previously it was available for C. C. I. You could use continue educational credits, but Narcisco are said
we're taking it even down to Sistani, which is quite great.
If you're holding a maxi certification as that February 24 2 2020 you'll be granted the new correspondence certificates at that time. What this means, in essence, is this. It was that February 24 2020. You have an access easy and erosion and screeching certificate.
Cisco says. You'll be granted the new C C. Any certification at no extra cost.
This is quite great. So if you have an example, your dream now you need to do it fast so they can get the new certification. Now one caveats that is there do is the ***. Every certification deadline remains the same.
What's amusing? Nonsense is this. If you had a certificate that was *** by our say April 2020 it means that even though Cisco has given you the new certificate, the updated certificates,
your experiment density remains the same. You need to be certified before the expiry dates.
Badges will be issued upon completion of training courses. This one was also
I remember back in the days when I had to do my first exam. I remember at the training then and and I got a certificate from the institute's, but I was about its past. Cisco now is saying after your training, you'll be given a budge that identifies the fact that you have done the training.
This is quite good.
Now this is a table off what you'll be getting after you complete a particular level off Cisco. Cisco is saying if you complete the training, you get the training. Budge.
If you posit cc any exam, you get the natural constancy it certificates.
If you pass the definite associate exam, you get the definite associates certificates.
If you pass any reason proxy exam with the exception of sissy any you get a specialist certificates
if you pass any definite sweeting. Proctor Example. The exception off definite associates. You get a definite specialists. That's tickets.
If you pass one court examined more concentration exam in the same technology, you get a natural professional certificates
if you pass it definite. Score a definite concentration exam. You got two definite professional certificates
and if you pass one quite exam and a correspondent lab in this same technology, you get the expert level certificates.
A quick recap of today's video. We talked about this Cisco updates and major topic was the big changes made to see school.
Looking ahead to our next video, we're gonna be talking about the changes on each Cisco level this certification updates. We're gonna be talking about this. Cisco examination updates on the examination required to get the certification. I hope this has been information for you on. I want to say thank you for viewing.
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