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Good evening and welcome to the launching your penetration tester Career path Webinar on our level up series here it's library. I'm your host, Gina Pala Dino. And we're gonna get started in just a moment. So let's go ahead and move to the next screen.
here we are.
But I'd like to do is actually even before we talk about meeting your men tours. Excuse me for just a second. I want to go back before we actually talk about our deliverables. But I'd like to talk to you about today is
a couple of housekeeping items. So couple of things I want to mention to all of the participant is please feel free to ask questions during the presentation via the chat message function on. We'll also have a Q and A at the end. So we'll be taking some questions that we've received via the chat function that many of you have been thinking about. And we'll talk about them
where we have some common interests etcetera. Also a couple of things I want to mention is going forward. The pen tester plaster will be part of the cyber, a voucher program and the come Tia pen tester class voucher will be available September 1. Okay, good stuff for us to know. So again, welcome to the pen tester library. Level up,
And if I talk to you a little bit about our deliverables today so we're gonna talk about who we are.
Did you discuss a little bit about what pen testers do? Skills and experience needed how to build your resume and get the job. What you can expect on interviews. And the big question. What do pen testers may? You can also take a look here at the specifics that are on the delivery will screen.
So let's move now to our next screen for meet your mentors. So again you see me at the top. I'm Gina. Pala. Dino were also potentially gonna have Joe Perry here with us today. He's new to Cyberia, and he's our director of research on the call with us today
BIA to paddle ish Jane Markley and Mark neighbor. So welcome to both of you guys.
Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Okay.
You're welcome. And a little bit that I'm gonna talk about even before we get into the program. Is your experience with doing pen testing. So, Mark, I'm gonna start with You can tell me a little bit about your experience in contesting or your experience working with those who've done protesting.
Yes. So, you know, I think the thing with pen testing, I think a lot of people that apply on this panel
are attracted to the career for the probably the same reasons that I had. Like I said, I did. A master's in computer science did a lot of programming work,
but for me, it was kind of being on the offense of coming from an offensive perspective of doing the research. Digging and I really enjoy the pre pre information phase would be kind of talk with clients to you what you need to do.
And then from that point on, depending on what kind of test is really kind of
determines, you know what you dig into? I think it's more fun when you take it from a black box approach to where you as you go through the faces you really accomplish and beautiful, good as you kind of, you know, breaking the systems and buying things. And ultimately what you were doing is helping
this customer better security networks. And from where I work, that's a that's a good thing. I've also helped develop pen testing teams, and I've worked with, you know, I've been led people that do paint testing, and that's a very different perspective because you're gonna backed off off of the technical rule. But it still is one of the things that
yeah, long as you understand the face, is what people do. You can
let the experts that specialize in these certain things, which I don't know if any of the mentor mentee that I talked to your on here. But we definitely have people in this. I bury cohort that very specific Skip knows that. I think, you know, as you do with a pen tester, you could be one of those key roles on one of those teams. If that's the route that you take
wonderful. Thank you so much more. And chain. Would you like to add anything about your experience either working as a pen tester or those that you know we're doing that kind of work?
Yeah, I mean just ah, kind of similar to Mark have been a number of different engagements from a penetration testing tam standpoint primarily internal Cos I've been working for so
working that that aspect of penetration testing but then also working with various third party companies to set up and and engage ah ah pen testing job for various comes I've worked for is well, so
very, very flight. They're very fun and exciting aspect to the information security field
and a number of different things you can do do from a penetration testing Pam Penetration testing standpoint from overall general penetration test to something Maur catered to be specific Thio with applications, wireless
physical penetration, testing, social engineering, et cetera.
Fantastic. Thank you both and again, just to kind of you to rate Shayne and Mark are both career Excuse me mentors here on Cyber Re and they'll be working with you inside the insider pro program.

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