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Hello, everybody. Welcome to the always cpq Wars episode number one on the introduction to the course. My name's Alejandra Gina, and I'll be your instructor there. In this entire course,
the Brooke decides for discourse is to have an 80 background, some solid or strong influence in for ASEC knowledge, I think a hiking knowledge. You know, maybe if you hold this certified ethical Harrigan from from the Sea conceal guys, that will be, you know, a really cool thing to have
before actually having this course
basic programming skills, obviously maybe not like super bands programming skills. But, you know, like knowing some basic python and pearl. And that will definitely help you during this course. And also during your penetration testing career,
the course Operatives is you know, this is a course about penetration testing this course you will understand the faces off a penetration testing, followed by the main and most advanced techniques used on each face.
With this knowledge, you will be able to assess the information security defenses off any system and create a report with that recommendations
for that system.
Ah, have the court how this course is structured. This course will contain white boarding and screen sharing for its model most of the time. This is a highly technical course. Most of the time will see hands on medias on how to execute an implement each penetration testing technique.
The returning operatives eyes understand the leanings, commands and shell understanding hackers Main tools. Understand how to other information for your penetration test. Understand how to create and use public exploits. Understand how to escalate privileges and clear your tracks. Apply all the knowledge to conduct a full penetration test
and create an executive reports to your findings. Don't go on Not it's because I have seen
many penetration testers do the same mistake they try to get, get all techy and, you know, put all the recommendation and put traces and looks, which is fine. You have to also learn how to uh
you know, maybe translate that knowledge or that those findings into something that CEO of the CFO, which at the end of the they are the ones who take the decision were were to buy a counter mentioned you propose or maybe see your report with good eyes. Um,
so, yeah, you have to fight. You will have to learn how to translate
that from technical knowledge to maybe business knowledge so you can actually express your findings. Endurance off risk. Maybe checking our business impact analysis or something like that
Target audience for this course is to, you know, every cybersecurity student looking to gain real world knowledge. Career professionals looking to make a jump into the security war. Or maybe take up, you know, take a detour of their career into, you know, maybe take or apply for a security work.
Engineers looking to improve their understanding off cybersecurity.
Ah, leaders looking to better understand the many cybersecurity world worlds and penetration testers looking to sharpen their skills.
My name as I told you the beginning of the video cell Handwara, India. I have more than 15 years of experience and information security, mainly on the penetration testing Malvo reverse engineering intern response and for exes Field. I have a couple of sophisticate certifications on the CIA's to speak, um,
and, you know, and also the ice of which is, you know,
market security architecture
for systems. The recipe, obviously offensive Security certified professional. Ah, some see self, which is for our return risk, which is for you know, Matt. No, no, We have to manage the risk Life cycle certified ethical hacker
and I till I just got that they copied 1000 19 certification was Will
and those some of the decertification I hold
pre assessment I We're looking to learn some basic information about the main tools used by hikers. The model trees for you. If you're looking to learn some information gathering to next, then Model five is for you. But model for I'm sorry,
even looking to gain deep knowledge of many hacking techniques. They model five and six are for you.
If you're looking to gain knowledge of how to crack some configuration issues on each operate every system to our to escalate privileges than Marshall 73 year. And if you're looking to see how to complete us how complete penetration test is performed, then Model eight is for you.
Looking forward in the next media's will cover. You know, these are all the models we have will cover an introduction to penetration test hikers, main tools, information gathering exploits both for overflow but for awful is so important in this course because in them in the laugh in the Sam
when single machine is dedicated to a buffer overflow and is worth trying for 35 points out of the 100 that they gave you. So they give you so you know,
you know, 24% of your exam. I tried to include all the knowledge they have in this single module, and then we have privilege escalation and print out of penetration. Testing simulation.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope to see you in the next video's police know, bear with me. I tried to give you all. I tried to transmit all the knowledge I have gained during this year. So I hope you really enjoy the course. And if you have any feedback being the please don't hesitate to contact me
so I can, you know, create better mediastore.
You know, maybe sure experiences, experiences or something like that.
Well, that's it for today. Thanks for watching. Talk to you soon.

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