1.1 Introduction

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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to the offensive penetration, testing course,
the introduction.
So my name is all hands are gonna You probably know me from receiving the coyote security course, or you're getting to know me right now. I have brother 50 years of experience in cybersecurity field, mostly on the pain test in cryptography and risk assessment fields.
I have a couple of certifications, as you can see the CSS be. And, you know, the architecture,
um, kind of kind of upgrade from the C s S b on the a recipe, of course, on Caesar on its risk covet ideal and ch
um, some Harvey's that I have is to play soccer and football, although I must confess that I might be quitting that right now because
I have a really serious injury. So I have to be looking torno swimming or something like that. I played video games assed, much as I would like to. Um, but, you know, I play video games sometimes online, and I go to the gym again. I'm trying to, uh,
time consumes you.
You can find me and contact me and linked in Ah, the end of the course. I will leave more details or how to contact me and and how to, you know, tell me if you like the course You didn't like the course, or you know what will I me to improve for the next course? Or if you,
well, like to see something else Or, you know, if you have any ideas of any course, please feel free to
to to send it to me over linking or Twitter or Instagram or whatever.
You know, social media you prefer. So, yeah,
on the breakfast sides for this course is you know, the knowledge humans have ah, prior taking this course in order to be successful in understanding techniques. Although I will try to, you know, start simple and, you know, build the course from that point forward. So, yeah,
some I tea bag groomed, a strong sec knowledge,
ethical hacking knowledge and basic programming skills. When I say basic, I really mean basic. Um, when you I mean, we will create exploits from scratch, so But, you know, we would Nowadays, you can go well, anything. And, you know, um,
you can search for code that was already created, and if you have the basic concepts or you have, you know, prior knowledge on all the languages
you know. Ah, Using $5 Pearl will be super easy for you.
Target audience for this course, Well, to me is basically anyone who's looking to jump into the penetration testing field. Although I must confess, as some of the techniques we see in this course are, I don't know, maybe a little bit of events. If you don't have any prior knowledge
off intestine, you might be, You know, you might get a hard time
understanding the contents, although you can always pause the course and, you know, go Google whatever you didn't understand, you know, to get more details about it and you know you can go back to the course. Oh, yeah. Anyone who's actually looking to jump into the penetration testing course will be OK,
but you know, a cybersecurity. Students looking to gain real world knowledge.
Career professionals looking to make jump into the security work engineers looking to improve their understanding off security leaders looking to better understand the many cybersecurity war rules and pen testers looking to sharpen their skills.
The course bull's eyes that you know about the end of this course, you will be able to understand the links, commands and shell understanding hackers Main tools. Understand how to gather information for your penetration testing exercise. Understand how to create and use public exploits
and understand how to escalate village and cleared your trucks
At the end. You can also apply all the knowledge to conduct the full penetration test and create an executive report so you'll find it's done. Go on nights this last one especially important. Adi end we, you know, perform all the techie on, you know,
techniques that we can apply t the penetration testing. But we cannot
process that in a way that upper mind management can understand or exercises. Or, you know, maybe your findings will be, you know, useless for for them. And no, it will not create an impact. So it is time for for us to also start speaking in upper management language,
you know, in terms of risk. Maybe.
Yeah, you will. I will see that in this course.
Supplementary materials. Guys, I would like to give you some books, names and you know Yeah, I can I can put a lot of material here, but at the end, you have to google everything. I mean, this is how do you pass on the penetration testing exams on How do you actually in real world,
even even even give you have been in the pen testing feel for
10 more more than 10 years or whatever. You will always go to Google to find techniques or, you know, to get commands or to get pieces of code, or even to use pooling exploits. Which is, by the way, one of the modules we will see in this course. So yeah,
the supplemental materials for the for this course, I will try to give you specific materials that I think,
Ah, it will be useful for each video and funny for each model. But right now, I cannot give you, like, a detail detail list or all the all the supplemental materials. You could go go to check right now, But yeah, Google will be your best friend during this course. And
and, you know, in any penetration testing exercise
you might be conducting in the future.
So that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoy the course. Please again. Let me know if if you actually like me to include a new new time to create a new course or, if you like, the course of you if you didn't like the course so hope to talk to you soon.
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