1.1 Introduction

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1 hour 19 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to the course graphical network. Similar three or G. N. S three. Introduction. This is Module zero. The course introduction.
I am trending, dear. And I'm gonna be your instructor for this course.
So we looked at her and course modules here. The 1st 1 was going to do kind of a general set up for JI industry for C C and A. You're studying for that. That hope out.
Um, And then, as you'll see, there's some issues with that with just the basic Jeanette story set up. So the module to Rex even go through and go through a couple different ways that we gonna fix that layer to switching problem.
So I I am trading Darrelle. If you want to go ahead and reach out to me on LinkedIn if you enjoy this, the update certifications I have now is my county a plus Net Plus Security plus Lennox Plus project Plus
just got a CCD routing, switching and security.
And with the linen closet. Also got the l pick one currently sitting for OCP. Actually, take that exam in about two weeks,
so we'll see how that goes. And recently actually just finished up the ice in the water. See? Sent course here at Cyberia as well.
What about this core structure here? It's just going to school on videos covering the basics of G. N s three. How to install it on Windows. How to start on a new boon to choose that one. Because the main the largest used destro for Lennox besides server red hat.
Um, took it free,
So you just gonna contain some background knowledge and what we're gonna be covering, You know, Jean s three. We're gonna go over the actual topic content, and lastly, we're going to an episode or view of the different steps and taken to a Stalin or the different ways we might have done to
move through the content.
Then each episode's gonna be about 10 to 20 minutes. Um, we're gonna go everything like I said, from a stalling on a bun, too,
to hooking up a genius tree virtual network into your actual switch network.
So that's like if you can afford some equipment because the layer to privacy is kind of
it is difficult to work around sometimes. So Felicity can afford a couple switches. You could actually hook those up into your genius tree routed virtual network is kind of cool.
And of course, we'll be doing some labs now. These labs are a little bit different. Um,
use them. We're setting it up, getting everything prepped. Let's say you're doing
get ready for your C CNN or something. These Air Maur prepping the entire thing. It's the labs or more walk throughs. Uh, you know, just pause the video as we walk through the course.
The target audience for this, Um,
pretty much anyone looking into gins and networking world. Let's say you have networking knowledge already and you want a way to actually simulate a couple things you say you want to put Some routers were here there, and you want to just get some basic knowledge and gs three, this would be a course for you. Um, if you're looking to get ready for your CCN exam
or your C center,
you see CNN P
that we didn't know it was to be good course for that.
So some of the pre Rex we're gonna go over here for this course, and obviously Janice three, being a software is gonna have its own pre Rex, and we'll go over that in the first video
some of your pre rex that we want you to have.
It's a basic, familiar area with computers and network concepts. Now, I'm not saying that you need to know that if routing protocols everything that
you should know how to look up your i p address or you know how to, you know, do Ping, for example, you should know some real basic concepts.
Uh, and if you're going for your C C, you're gonna need some kind of Cisco Iowa's router image. And as always, we cannot provide that image that has to either be done
through a contract with Cisco or if you want to. If you have some lab equipment, you can actually back up that image onto T FTP server or something, and you can use that image in Gene s three.
lastly, we need to have a willingness to learn. Um, there's not a whole lot of point taking a course if you're not gonna try and learn.
So personal suggestions for this course learned the Google fu
because I don't know.
And I always got a nag on open source stuff, even though. I love open source stuff, and that's mainly what I run.
You gotta learn how to Google stuff.
Um, take your time. Work your issues one by one. You know, don't try and get ahead of yourself. If you're having issues, don't say okay. I'm gonna put that on the back burner. Work on that problem later.
Just take care of it. They're trying to fix it then because it could turn into a lot more problems down the road. And then you're trying to troubleshoot those problems when, really, it was the first
problem that existed.
Lastly, embrace the open source software. I love open store stuff. I love
the whole thing. Embrace it.
Lastly, the guys have questions. Need help. Or, of course, if you have your computer based puns or funny photos going to send me a shout out. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you guys and gals in this entire course forward, uh, teaching the rest of it. You
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