1.1 Introduction

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1 hour 31 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to today's session on how to do a live identity hack. This is the first episode entitled Introduction.
My name is Tom Mason, and I'm a cyber instructor based out of Melbourne in Australia. The land Down Under I have over 20 years of experience working in the I T in the street, and I've worked for organizations including Trend Micro and Blue Coat,
currently on the head of sounds for a Data Analytics software company based here in Melbourne. I donate my time presenting cyber safety training sessions to schools, universities, Pezuela's organizations. I've also presented the same presentation at conferences.
The largest group that I've presented this to would be approximately 600 delegates.
So an interesting fact about May I'm a member of the 50 1st Club, which is a costume club. It's a worldwide organization where we build movie great quality Star Wars outfits, and I spent four and 1/2 years building my very own dust fighter outfit,
liver of a disclaimer and warning about this particular course. This course is for training purposes only. With a little knowledge comes great responsibility, and it is your responsibility if you decide to use this information off this presentation to make illegal actions. If you do that, you will not be able to pass. Go and you're probably
more than likely go to jail. Please don't use this knowledge to do things like hat backs, et cetera.
So what are the course objectives? Well, the course objectives are to prepare and deliver an identity theft presentation.
The goal is not to scare the audience, but to educate them in simple techniques that they can then use to stay safe.
When I first started out in the I T. Security industry,
there wasn't a lot of information on how to do these sorts of presentations. So I had to train myself. I asked lots of questions off my colleagues, et cetera, and I eventually piece the information together. And whilst I've done this particular presentation over 100 times all around the world, I've learned a lot of tips and tricks
that helped
to make this presentation extremely successful.
The most important thing when you're doing this presentation is to know about the information that you're presenting on and to ensure that you keep your volunteers safe at all times.
So who is the target audience. Well, it's anybody working in the I T industry, especially those career professionals looking to make their jump into security work.
It's also great for educators wanting to show people how to stay safe for online.
Now, say the words safer because you'll never be 100% safe online. Hence a reason why I say safer online.
There are also techniques in here that could be useful for hiring managers who want to do a bit of profiling on the social media off new applicants before they go through the hiring process.
The goal is to demonstrate how to profile and tiger organizations and people without having to use any paid for software tools.
What are the prerequisites? There's no prior knowledge required to be out to complete this course, however, a good understanding off social engineering and hacking techniques, or definitely help you here, have a look at some of the other cyber recourses on social engineering and hacking. They're really good.
All that you need is a simple Internet connection.
The core structure will go through an overview of each section. I'll then go through a demonstration of either the PowerPoint presentation and or what I'll be doing online when I do my identity hack.
I also deliver some tips and tricks to help you make this a successful presentation.
Well, then go through some knowledge trick questions to ensure that you've got a good understanding off the content.
I'll also be supplying some supplementary materials at the end of the course. This includes a slight template that you can use, as well as a presentation checklist.
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