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so Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome, Thio. Our next installment of the cyber Very level up career path. Siri's I'll be your host, Gina, Pala, Dino and I have a few other very nice people on the line with me today.
Our mentor is here. It's library. We're going to talk a little bit about launching your cyber security engineer career path,
so go ahead and get started.
Our deliverables today are going to be Meet your mentors. We're gonna do a quick summary of the career paths. Here it's library
and talk a little bit about the mission of cybersecurity engineers.
The experience. Education, sir. It's hard skills, soft skills, et cetera, job responsibilities for your resume, customizing a resume interview, Q and A
and all the rest that you can see there. And of course, we'll touch on salary because I know that's a big question
that sometimes you guys have. So
let's get started on the delivery bols
a little bit on Meet your Mentors.
As you can see, I'm the career mentor here at Cyberia. We also have Joe Perry, who's not on the line with us today, but we'll be back at Cyberia next week.
Additionally, we have Shane Markley. Shane, are you on the line with us?
Okay. He may be joining us shortly.
Um, and then we have, of course, Mark, who's on the line with us? So
say, Hey, Mark, Mark
and Mark just recently got another search after his name. You got the E. C. S s. So congrats to mark. Very nice. So
all right. So let's get started on the rest of what we want to touch on
as we go along, by the way, will be on the line, probably about
45 minutes or so today. And we will have an opportunity for the participants toe Ask questions and we'll read out some of those questions at the end.
So be thinking of what you want to ask a summary of the career pass on cyber ery. We do have our beginner career paths with cover, the network engineer
work and the stock analysts and an intermediate. You can also be a stock analyst, and obviously that takes you into a realm where you have a little bit more experience. Obviously, working in a sock
and intermediate also encompasses the pen testing world.
Today we're gonna be talking about the cyber security engineer. Peace and again in the Advanced World is also pen testing. For a lot of people who have gone through the career past the cyber security engineer, peace is something that may cap out. In other words, they may be finishing their work in the career pass as a cyber security engineer.
So I wanted to mention that to you guys, in case you're not familiar with what's happening here on Siberia with our career paths and the insider pro program, which I know many of you are a part of. We also have just a note here at the bottom, which says a note on questions. So one thing to mention is that you do want a pose, your questions in the chat space.
I think it's
the Q and A area. If you send a note to me as the host, I'm not gonna be able to respond throughout the program because obviously I'm
trying to run the show here, so I just want to mention that to you. Okay,
All right, so let's get going
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