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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the mountain were threats. Course, My name is Captain for a cyber, and I'll introduce myself in just a little bit. I'm partnering up on this course with Dave Crew practice, and Dave will actually pop in and give a brief introduction to himself. And just a little bit is well,
so in this course we're gonna be learning about Matt were threats. Wants to take a look in this video. We're gonna learn some. Of course, objectives will also talk about as I mentioned. Who? David myself. Our world's gonna talk about how this course is structured.
So our objectives for this course you're gonna be learning about Mauer. So when I say that, I mean things like viruses warms Trojans, and we'll cover some of the ways that an attacker can use those and infiltrate your system.
And primarily, the census is a skill base course. We're going to focus on hands on lap, so be prepared to do a lot of labs in this course will demonstrate a couple of those, but we also have several labs in the assessment area. Free to do so. Be sure to download the supplement of resource is you'll notice an assessment in there, and we've listed out some laps to do inside of the cyber lab environment.
Prerequisites for this course you want to make sure you have a good understanding of operating systems will be familiar with things like Windows and Linux. OS is specifically you don't have to be an expert on those we just understanding how you can navigate an operating system and how operating systems function will help you quite a bit
understanding computer networking. So as we talk about communication and stuff like that in this course in understanding how many where tax comtech over systems as well a spread throughout the network, having that foundational network knowledge will help you understand all of that stuff.
You should have an interest in malware that should be exciting for you, and we hope to make this an exciting course for you. It's also good to have a background in programming. Dave will show you an example of the wannacry ransomware. But he also mentions that in future courses he watched the show you how to write ransomware and different malware. Now we're not gonna cover that in this course. I want to stress that this is
just K skilled base course, but that will be a future course of Davis planning on.
So keep an eye out for that,
and primarily if you're studying for penetration. Testing exams like C E. H or company is pen test bless or G pen. Basically anything like OCP. This is a good course to give you some foundational knowledge in malware.
So who are we? Well, as I mentioned, I'm can under Helen, the master instructor over Siberia. I'm also a agent professor of digital forensics. I hold a masters in Cyber Security Information Assurance. I also hold the EEC counsel, certified ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigators certifications. And I am also studying for the comedy A Pen tests plus examination as well. Right now,
I've also written questions for the Cup of the Excuse me, the EEC counsel CH Exam, as well as reviewed questions for those and reviewed and written questions for the CH. If I examined
now, Dave could Practice is gonna enter to introduce himself in just a moment, but I'll give a little background on him. He's an instructor here, a cyber re. He also holds an MBA He's also working on his doctorate in business as well.
He's an entrepreneur, yields a consulting company, where he does a lot of penetration testing for different clients.
He's studying for several penetration testing certifications right now as well, including the C H N pen test. Plus, he's been an avid ethical hacker for many, many, many years. He's very good with his hands on, so if you have any questions at all, he's definitely a great resource to connect with, like on Lincoln.
And he's an avid fan of Red Bull and also Coke zero. So we don't have Coke Zero listed there, but he's definitely a fan of both of those.
All right, so I'm gonna pause briefly here days gotta hop in and just say hello to everyone. And that will continue on with our introduction video.
Hello and welcome to the course. My name is David Apparatus, and today what I'll be doing is demonstrating quite a few examples on the first attempt. In my first course, what will be going through is two items. One is about of nowhere attempt,
and the second is about a ransom or attack
now, going deep diving into that uh, just introduce myself. Furthermore, uh, I'm currently holding an MBA with a vocalization and information systems. I am an ethical hacker currently going for all E c council related certifications. In addition to that, also, for A W s grew cloud platform and Microsoft Azure.
In addition to that, I am an entrepreneur. I do hold my own business, I think insulting. All right, Well, thank you. Today for happening. Just saying hello to everyone Rode quick. So let's continue on with our introduction to the course here. So what are we covering? So as I mentioned here in the we got the introduction section, we're just talking about who Dave and I are the core structure and course objectives. And then also in module one,
we'll be going over some malware information. Some basic information on viruses, worms and Trojans
module to is all about the lab. So we'll start off and I'll show you the lab on a quick fork bomb attack. We'll actually be doing it on ourselves inside of the cyber lab environment. And then Dave will have a brief introduction to his labs, and then he'll jump right into showing you some examples of mount where, including the wannacry Ransomware attack
and then a marshal three. We're just gonna wrap things up until you bought some courses you may want to check out after this one is willing Some upcoming courses that Dave has on his pipeline.
So how is this core structure? Well, as many of the courses on cyber, it's on demand video. So including the labs with film the labs, we also have supplement of Resource is, as I mentioned, step by step guides for the labs as well as a lot of helpful information. We have a quiz in there and all sorts of good stuff for you, so make sure you download the resource is for this
ah course
as well is that we have assessment in there. So we have an assessment document, and the downloadable resource is where a list out different lives. We want you to perform these air all intended to help you improve your hands on skill. So if you take this course and you do all the things we say and you study really hard,
this is a great skill for you to go into the interview with and say, Hey, look
I know how to do these different things. And here's my proof from, you know, working a sigh. Bury, you know, working on this course for cyber Very.
Here's my proof of that. Here's my skills. And I can comfortably talk about Mauer at this point.
That's gonna help you a lot. If you're going for any type of stock analyst position or anything else that would involve, um, our select forensics or even 10 test of a rule.
So quick, Post assessment question here. This is an easy one, right? I like to keep things easy in these introduction video, so this course will not teach you anything about now. Where is that River falls,
right? Of course, that's false, right? And everyone should have gotten that correctly if you didn't definitely message me and let me know. But everyone should have gotten that one correct.
So, as I mentioned in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and cover a brief introduction to malware so we'll talk about things like viruses warms in trojans. And in this video we just did a brief introduction to David myself, as well as an introduction to the course objectives
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