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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. And welcome to this course. And this course we're gonna be talking about the Kam ta A plus 200 Daschle 1000 and two Certification. This is the newly revised A plus certification exam. And this is part two because the A plus has two exams. So
if you are just joining us and you have not touched on the first half of the certification,
I do encourage you to go find the course on 200-1000 and one
before proceeding to take this course on the tooth. 201,000 and two. Ah, let's go ahead and get started. Before we talk about the subject, I wanted to introduce myself. Hi, My name is Nicholas Moix. I am a cloud security engineer
and I do have become t a plus ce certification.
I've been doing I t for about six or seven years now. I've been teaching for several years as well, and I actually started out as a desktop, uh, administrator
or PC technician. Really helping organizations work with different types of computers, building computers, repairing computers, dealing with different types of operating systems, troubleshooting software, dealing with security controls like network security and security for your systems.
And eventually I decided I'm gonna go ahead and get certified. And so I went and got my AA plus certification.
The April certification covers a lot of information on the hardware. A lot of information on different operating systems and gives you a good entry level. Uh uh, understanding of security for your organization, especially when it comes to security for the workstations. Um,
we're gonna be talking quite a bit about that in this course. Hopefully this course will guide you and help clarify some of the topics that are a little bit fuzzy in the book. I do encourage you to get the textbook. There are several out there you guys can use the Cybex book, which so when I use when I was studying I know the all in one
textbook is also a really good one as well. I do recommend both
and really, just getting your head into these books and into this course is really what you're gonna need in order to pass the exam. The exam is not a very difficult exam,
but it is very broad. It So you do want to make sure you have a deep understanding of the various topics that are being covered before you go and test.
So about the exam. The Kam ta Plus 2 20-1000 and two exam covers a couple different topics, but mainly when you summarize it into four bullet points its operating systems, security software, troubleshooting and operational procedures and the percentages air broken down right here, which are in the making
100% of the exam
Now, Like I said, you're not gonna go into a lot of depth in these different subjects, but they are very broad. So you do want to have a good understanding of the various topics that are outlined in your textbook and within this course
So regarding the exam details, everyone wants to know what they're up against when they're about to take their exam. Here is the layout of the land as faras This exam, the 1st 1 is gonna be a little bit difference regarding the passing score, but we're gonna touch on that in a second. So
on the max number of questions that you're going to be facing on the examines 90 they're going to throw in a couple random, like new survey type questions into the exam. I don't remember the number exactly, but it does not count towards your passing or failing score. They're just helping
Conte. A developed new questions
that you will likely experience in the future. If you ever decide to retake this certification exam,
the questions are multiple choice type questions. You will have single and multiple response, and there are a couple of dragon drop type performance based questions, which are kind of like a lab is what I like to call them. Really. What they're gonna do is so gave you like a desktop. And they're gonna have you dragged the RAM into the correct slot on the mother board
stuff like that. And then you'll have to, you know, set up a computer in their little virtual lab environment.
Um, and it is in a dragon drop type set up. You get 90 minutes for the exam, which is plenty of time. What I do recommends everyone do when they're taking the test is go ahead and answer all the questions you can mark the ones that you're not sure about, and then with the extra time you have left over,
go back and try to answer the ones
that you marked. You will not get penalized for not answering a question. But you know, you do want to make sure
and that you do Answer every question at least with your best guess. If you're not sure the passing score on this one is a 700 that's on a passing scale of 100 to 900. So, yes, you do need to know your information very well. In order to pass this exam.
The cut off scores a little bit higher than some others, but
I have no doubt that you will be prepared and then you'll do well. So let's go ahead and dive into the content of this course. I'm excited. I hope you are. And best of luck on your journey on becoming a plus certified
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