1.1 AZ-300 Introduction

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome to this course titled a Z 300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies. In this episode, I'm gonna cover what this course is about as well as introduced myself.
My name is Jeff Brown, and I'll be your guide as we work through this course, learning about Azure.
I have worked in the I T industry for just over 12 years now, primarily working with Microsoft Technologies such as Windows Server Exchange, Skype for Business Office 3 65 and Power Show.
I've achieved certification from different vendors such as Comp Tia, as well as Microsoft's M. C s A and M. C S EE have also completed the Azure administrators certification, as well as the Azure Solutions architect certification for which this course is designed to prepare you. For
I'm an avid national park visitor and hiker, and this picture was taken at the top of Observation Point and Zion National Park.
You want to contact me about this course you can find me at my blog's at Jeff brown dot tech or on Twitter at Jeff W. Brown. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss this course certification or any other I T topics that are on your mind.
So the existential question, What do we do in here? My course objective for you are to learn Azure and to prepare you for the A C 300 exam.
We're gonna do this through lecture involving some slides and white Board E. But primarily I'm gonna have lots of demos for you. Microsoft is adding more performance based testing on their certification exams, meaning you're given access to a really azure portal and are required to complete several tasks.
My goal is to show you as much as possible on howto work in the azure portal so you could be prepared for this portion of the exam.
If you're watching this, you might be wondering if this is the course for you. If you're planning on taking the ese 300 exam, then you're in the right place. This course is gonna lay the foundation for your studying to help you achieve this goal. However, if you're just a nightie pro looking to learn azure or preparing to transition your career to the cloud,
don't worry. You're still in the right place.
This course covers the basics of azure to get you started. Why you may not be using azure today. Cloud computing is gaining in popularity every year, and having foundational knowledge in this area is going to prepare you for this transition in your career.
Some prerequisites for this course include basic networking, such as how seven it's are designed and understanding technologies like VP ends,
virtualization and how it works in a cloud computing model.
Security like best practices such as least privilege access and roll based access.
Identity technologies like multi factor authentication federation and single sign on
and governance so we can manage our resource is and spending in the cloud.
It will also be helpful if you have access to an azure subscription in order to fall along with the demos and for practicing for the exam,
Microsoft offers an azure free account that provides a $200 credit to explore. Azure service is for 30 days as well as 12 months of several free service is
you confined and sign up for this azure free at a k a dot M. S slash As you're free,
you can also check with your company to see if they haven't mst an or visual studio subscription that has $150 month Credit for you to use
this course is modules and lessons are designed around the objectives found in the A Z 300 exam, including deploying and configuring infrastructure. Nasher. Implementing workloads and security.
Creating and deploying applications.
Implementing authentication and securing data
and developing for the cloud and azure storage.
If you've never taken a look at a Microsoft exam, ejected Page, let's check out this link below to Seymour about what we will be learning.
Here we have the reference page for the A C 300 exam. If we move down the page, we will find the skills measured section, which has the same five topics that our main modules will be built on for this first topic of deploying configure infrastructure. We'll focus on sub topics such as utilization and consumption,
storage accounts, virtual machines and networking. Each skills measured section has its own set of sub topics, and we'll be covering almost all of them
that does it for our introduction. Coming up next, we're going to dive into the first topic here where we discuss what is cloud computing. Let's get started and I'll see you and the next episode
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