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Tunis Cyber Security Jobs

The capital and largest city of Tunisia, has a storied history. It is located in close proximity to the ancient city of Carthage and served as a prime vantage point to observe naval and caravan traffic in and out of Carthage. Carthage’s strategic location on the coast of Northern Africa made it an existential threat to the emerging Roman Empire and it wasn’t long before Rome demolished Carthage and Tunis along with it. The following centuries saw the rebuilding of Tunis and occupation of the city by a succession of nations including the Turks, Spanish, French, and the Axis powers (Germany and Italy) during WWII.

The ruins of Carthage remain for scholars and tourists alike to study and marvel at, but Tunis has risen from the ashes to become a significant player in the African economy. Following Tunisia’s independence from France in 1956, Tunis assumed a greater role as the country’s capital and an influx of people swelled the city’s population. A modernization campaign was undertaken and old buildings were upgraded and many new ones were constructed.

Tunis is comparatively small in relation to some of the larger African cities such as Johannesburg in the south and its relative neighbor, Cairo, in the north; however, there are pockets of opportunity for those with specialized skill sets. Tunis cyber security jobs are one such skill set that will only continue to increase in demand in the coming years.

Cyber Security Jobs in Tunis

Tunis’ economy is a mix of government ministries, financial, industrial, tourism, and agricultural with olive oil and textile production taking the lead. Tunis attracts foreign investors due to its economic prominence in Tunisia. Employment opportunities can be found for IT professionals across most of these economic sectors. Cyber security jobs in Tunis, though in the emerging stage, should only continue to grow in number as both the country’s and Tunis’s fortunes increase.

Living and Working in Tunis

Tunis has a distinct Mediterranean climate characterized by rather hot summers and mild winters. Some relief to the oppressive summer heat is provided by occasional breezes coming off the sea. The city is rather crowded and congested and today about 50% of the population has migrated to the suburbs of Tunis.

Tunis has a rich cultural environment. Opportunities to enjoy music, theater, art, and historical exhibits abound in Tunis. The city is also host to quite a few major cultural festivals throughout the year. Quieter pursuits can be had at any of the numerous restaurants and cafes that dot the city.

Unemployment in Tunis, along with illiteracy, is relatively high. The inevitable result of these conditions is the presence of poverty which is evident in certain sections of the city. Fortunately, for those with high-tech skill sets, many avenues exist for obtaining employment in Tunis.

Obtaining a work visa for Tunis requires sponsorship by a company based in Tunisia. Having the ability to work for multiple employers during your stay requires sponsorship by what’s known as an “umbrella” company. You can find more information about Tunisian work visas by contacting agencies that specialize in this area.

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