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Tokyo Cyber Security Jobs

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think about Tokyo is a crowded city that never sleeps. Images of a city filled with every pleasure imaginable and an endless supply of entertainment for any variety of taste probably also comes to mind. Tokyo is all this and so much more! In many ways being in Tokyo is like having been dropped into a loud and flashy anime-based video game. If you’re up for the excitement then Tokyo may just be the ideal destination for launching your cyber security career!

Background on Tokyo

Tokyo serves dual roles as both the capital of Japan as well as its largest city. Tokyo has a special designation as the seat of government of Japan, but is officially governed as a metropolitan prefecture, which include 39 municipalities as well as two outlying island chains. The combined population of these regions is 13 million people!

Tokyo has a humid, subtropical climate with hot humid summers and relatively mild winters with occasional stretches of cool weather. There is a myriad of cultural activities and resources in Tokyo that range from art, music, theater, a rich nightlife, along with a wealth of sporting events that include sumo wrestling and a national passion for baseball.

Tokyo, as well as the rest of Japan, does not have a very diverse population but foreign nationals make up a vital component of the workforce and population in Tokyo with the most common being Chinese, Korean, Filipino, American, British, Brazilian and French. The Japanese language is not an easy language to learn for foreigners, but the good news is that English is commonly spoken throughout Tokyo.

Tokyo is ranked as one of the world’s most expensive cities and rent and food can take a large chunk out of your paycheck. On the positive side, Tokyo is also rated as one of the world’s most livable cities and is a very safe place to live. But don’t worry, Tokyo cyber security jobs pay extremely well!

Cyber Security Jobs in Tokyo

A whopping fifty-one of the world’s Fortune Global 500 companies are located in Tokyo! This is the highest number of any city in the world and is the reason behind Tokyo having the largest metropolitan economy in the world!

Several of the world’s largest investment banks and insurance companies are headquartered in here making Tokyo one of the three command centers for the world economy right next to New York City and London. The Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan’s largest stock exchange, and third largest in the world is a major employer of IT and cyber security professionals in Japan.

The city also serves as a hub for Japan’s transportation, publishing, electronics and broadcasting industries. Television networks such as Fuji TV, Tokyo MX, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, Nippon Television and the Tokyo Broadcasting System are located in Tokyo. All of these industries and companies have a strong demand for cyber security specialists.

The industrial landscape of Tokyo is rounded out by agriculture with a concentration of farmland in Western Tokyo. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers are shipped from here to markets in the eastern part of the Tokyo prefecture. The Tsukiji Fish Market in central Tokyo is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. Sushi, anyone? We should also not forget the large contribution tourism makes to the Tokyo economy.

And if that weren’t enough, Tokyo has been selected by the IOC to host the 2020 Summer Olympics and the 2020 Summer Paralympics. A recent report in the Nikkei newspaper, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications intends to request funding in order to train around 20,000 cyber security professionals in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics. You can bet the demand created for cyber security jobs in Tokyo from these games will be huge and that these newly created cyber security positions will last well beyond the conclusion of the games.

Tokyo Work Visas

You will need a work visa, which is matched to specific professions, in order to live and work in Tokyo. Tokyo work visas are not too difficult for foreigners to obtain, and in most cases, the hiring company will assist with the process. You can find information at the following links for residence visas and Japanese work visas.

People right now in the Tokyo region are training and learning cyber security with us, and we are working to help prepare the next wave of cyber security professionals in Tokyo and greater Japan, as the rest of Asia.

So get started training, and looking for cyber security jobs in and around Tokyo!

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