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Understanding SkyGoFree

Understanding SkyGoFree

Remote Access Trojans, or RATs, have been a key part of the cybersecurity landscape for many years. These remote tools are covertly deployed on target devices. Once installed, the program allows extensive control and surveillance through the device. In a world of smartphones and mobile computers, a

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Reconnaissance and Surveillance: Keyloggers

An important tool for reconnaissance and surveillance, the keylogger is a program that records keystrokes on a device and maps them to a log. By reviewing this log, one can collect a wide range of useful and important information. As users enter their login credentials or other

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Notable Malware Attacks and Security Vulnerabilities

Computer and Internet technologies have gone through amazing trends and developments that have always made headlines in the news since they’ve been around over the past several decades. With the way that these technologies have made everyday tasks like household budgeting and scientific research significantly easier and

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Common Types of Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are running rampant today. It’s like an epidemic, with one major attack after another making headlines in national and worldwide news. These threats attack individuals and organizations, with mass attacks on organizations being especially catastrophic, since they compromise centralized sources of information that can impact millions

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What is Spyware and How Can I Prevent It?

There are eyes everywhere. Between the security cameras that businesses set up around their locations and virtually everyone having a camera phone, every person out in the public is on display in some way, shape, or form. Whether it’s in a grocery store or on a random

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How to Keep Your Mobile Device Safe from Online Attacks

When most people hear “anti-virus program” and “anti-malware,” they instantly think of desktop and laptop computers. As desktops and laptops have become life-changing mainstays in the office and home over the past 20 years, the need for protection against malicious software that can attack these computers soon

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State of the Market: The SOC Analyst Career Track

So you want to be a security operations center (SOC) analyst. At the very least you’re considering the role — you’ve seen the data about emerging cybersecurity skills gaps, you want to know more about defending networks against cyber attacks and you’re willing to take on the

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Cyber Fact: Malware

According to CSO, “Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $5 billion in 2017. That’s up from $325 million in 2015, a 15X increase in two years, and expected to worsen. Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations, the No. 1 cyber-attacked industry, will quadruple by 2020.” What

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Monitoring the Dark Web for Cyber Threat Intel

Last week we discussed the Dark Web. Its scope, its architecture, and what lurks (slithers) within its depths. On the flip side, the Dark Web also presents a useful source to mine for cyber threat intelligence. When bricks and mortar criminal types knock off a jewelry store

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The WikiLeaks Just Keep Dripping

Table of Contents: 1. What’s in the vault? 2. Hacking the endpoint is where it’s at. 3. Who done it? 4. Ethical issues.   This past Tuesday (March 7, 2017), the internet’s online library of cool stuff, WikiLeaks, published the first of what it promises to be many more materials related

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