Work Breakdown Structure vs. Word Breakdown Dictionary

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Work Breakdown Structure vs. Word Breakdown Dictionary:

Work Breakdown Structure: Also known as WBS, this is an important tool and directs the planning for the rest of the project. WBS is the process of breaking down a project into smaller functions and sub-functions. It structures the project into hierarchical tasks. This assists in clearly defining roles and administration of work. The smaller segments of work are called work packages. This outlines a list of processes required for successful execution of the project.

Preparing a WBS is a time-consuming task. Identifying work packages are the sub-steps that need to be completed to meet the deliverables and achieve project goals. It’s a blueprint of the whole project and each work packages is reviewed in a detailed manner.

The WBS process continues until the work is not broken down into smaller units. Within the hierarchical structure, the project itself is at the highest level.

Work Breakdown Dictionary: A valuable tool used in the second phase of the life cycle. It lists for each facet or work package. It has the scope, the deliverables, the period, and the list of functions that are associated with each work package.

It contains information including:


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