What is Activity Planning?

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What is Activity Planning?

The next step in project planning is working on the schedule of the project. Several automated tools are available so project managers can schedule the work with efficiency. A WBS is needed to determine the activity plan. A thoroughly outlined WBS helps minimize task redundancy and makes certain the work is within the scope of the project.

Activity Planning breaks down into two processes:

  • Defining Activities
  • Sequencing Activities

Defining Activities: The first task is defining the term activity. In reference to project management, the term activity means a specific event or occurrence. Team members are required to participate in an activity. This can also mean the project as a whole. Activity planning begins with outlining the structure of work breakdown. The goal of activity planning is pinpointing activities required to achieve deliverables. It addresses this question: “What activities are to be performed to meet the requirements of the work package?” The data gathered to answer this question is the lineup of activities arranged in a sequence. This sequence is known as activity planning in project management.

Every project cycles through a process known as progressive elaboration. As work progresses, corresponding knowledge is acquired. Additional knowledge indicates an adjustment in planning which means details will need to be reviewed or reworked. Progressive elaboration is the unfolding of project progression and details worked through. Project plans should be revisited and reviewed as the project moves forward. This assures the project will meet expectations and plans remain flexible if details need to be changed. Ongoing planning as the project moves forward is termed rolling wave planning.

Sequencing Activities: Once the activities have been clearly outlined, they are…

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