Things a Project Manager Should Focus on to Be Successful

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Things a Project Manager Should Focus on to Be Successful:

Collaborative effort is responsible for planning, executing and completing a project, making the human resource a pivotal ingredient. Depending on the project, assignment of specific resources may not be solely determined by the project manager, but that person is responsible for obtaining the resources. When it comes to amassing human resources, the project manager should factor in:

  • availability
  • cost
  • interest
  • ability
  • experience

Availability of the resource: It’s imperative to know beforehand each team member’s availability for the project.

Ability: In addition to availability, it’s important to know the abilities of the resource and the corresponding demands of the project.

Experience: When securing a resource it’s important to ascertain what kind of experience a resource is expected to have and if personal aptitude meets that requirement.

Interest: Interest of a resource is a critical factor in deciding whether that person would like to work on the project or not.

Cost: The cost of acquiring a resource is another important factor in determining the need.

The team is required to have all necessary abilities and qualifications to handle the workload needs of the project. The team should be supplied with the required tools and talent to meet project goals. Multiple tools can be used to assemble the team. (See below)

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