Scope Management Fundamentals

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Scope Management Fundamentals:

The scope of a project is the most fundamental element as all subsequent processes and resources are reliant on it. Scope Management is a set of processes that make certain the needs of the customer are carefully recorded.

A project has to be protected against scope creep. It also has a key role in keeping the development of the project on point and ensures it reaches its intended goal. It functions in filtering out any distractions and makes certain resources aren’t squandered. The scope of a project needs to be managed and controlled. It explicitly outlines the work to be performed to achieve the deliverables.

Scope Management can be subdivided into two processes:


Scope Planning: Scope planning specifies, controls, and verifies the scope. The bigger the project, the more work invested in the scope planning process.

Scope Definition: This is the end result after the preliminary scope statement is refined. The definition provides absolute clarity about what the project aims to achieve and what it won’t achieve. The scope definition is established with documents that shape the scope statement. After identifying and outlining the processes required to achieve deliverables, they’re included in the scope definition. It should offer a comprehensive breakdown as it determines the extent of work that will be required to achieve the project.

The support team can refer to the Scope Definition for a…

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