Responsibilities Associated with Project Management

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Responsibilities Associated with Project Management:

The entire project team is bound by professional responsibilities; however, the project manager is the person who establishes ethical standards through exemplary behavior. The higher degree of transparency a project manager maintains in decision-making, the less likely he or she will deal with allegations of impropriety. The responsibilities towards the profession of project management can be reviewed under the following:

Advancement of the profession: Under advancement of profession, one of the key issues is the use of information that has been developed by others. This information is considered as intellectual property.  Though in some circumstances it may appear profitable and convenient not to acknowledge someone else’s right to their work, in long term there can be detrimental consequences. Business processes and techniques are usually copyrighted and patented. Due respect should be paid to this.

Candidates Professional Competency: It is considered mandatory that all representations regarding professional qualification and experience be accurate and correct. Certifications, compliance, associations, and true representations should be made by both individuals and companies that take on the task of project management.

Compliance with Organizational Rules, Policies, and Standards: This responsibility dictates that compliance with the certification process be made. Any violations, ethical or professional should be communicated to the Project Management Investigators. It is important that cooperative behavior be maintained during the course of an investigation. True Representations: It is recommended that only true, accurate and complete representations regarding application for membership and certification, tests, candidate, continuing professional education should be made.

Cooperating with Investigations: It is critical that full cooperation be granted to PMI during investigations of misconduct.

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest:

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