Project Control and Monitoring

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Project Control and Monitoring:

Project Monitoring and Control process are the procedures and activities performed for monitoring and administering the entire processes done by the project manager and his team during execution. The goal is to ensure:

  • That the processes adhere to the scope of the project. Continuous monitoring ensures that the project stays on track and the work flow is maintained. The progress of the project is measured against the time and the resource schedules.
  • Quality standards are adhered to. This not only ensures quality of the deliverables but also works by reducing the need to rework and modify.

  • Corrective and preventive actions taken whenever necessary. This keeps a check on the risks and further becomes the cause of success or failure of a project.

However, project control and monitoring requires additional work for the project manager and his team. However, it’s an integral function in moving towards the success of the project. The documents produced during initiation and planning serve as the base for the project manager to conduct monitoring and control of the project. 

The table below demonstrates the project monitoring and control process in detail: 


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