Performing a Security Solutions Analysis

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When performing a security solutions analysis on your organization’s existing platforms and applications, what steps should you follow?

By using the following security solutions, you can ensure that they meet all business needs

Specify the performance: When implementing security solutions, a user must ensure that the security solutions support all business needs.

Latency: Latency helps to assess time delay experienced in a system, the precise estimation of which depends on the system and the time being measured.

Capability: Capability-based security aids in the development of secure computing systems. A capability (defined in some systems as a key) is a communicable, un-forgeable token of authority. It pertains to a value that references an object along with an associated set of access rights.

Usability: Usability testing helps to evaluate an application by testing it on users. This can be regarded as an exceptional usability practice, as it supports direct inputs on how real users use the system. Usability testing focuses on evaluating an application’s capacity to meet its intentions. Examples of products that are strengthened from usability testing are Web sites, Web applications, computer interfaces, documents, devices, etc. Usability testing evaluates the usability or ease of use of a specific object or group of objects.

Maintainability: The capability to correct flows in the existing functionality without compromising other components of the system.

Scalability: Scalability testing helps in testing of a software application for evaluating its potential to scale up or scale out based on any of its non-functional capabilities, such as the user load supported, the number of transactions, the data volume, etc. It is a test purposed to make certain both functionality and performance of the system will scale up to meet specified requirements. This activity of non-functional software testing is often referred to as load/endurance testing. Performance, scalability, and reliability are considered together by software quality analysts. Scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process, which handles increasing amount of work in a capable regular method or its ability to be enlarged to hold that growth.

Scalability can be calculated in a range of ways, including:

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