Attempting to Access Data Using Email

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Q: Erin is a claims processor for a local insurance company. One morning, she receives an email that has been marked urgent from a client. The client says she has uploaded several pictures of her damaged vehicle and the scene of the accident online and provides a link, purportedly to these photos. Although this is not the usual process for reviewing claims, Erin clicks on the link. The link takes her to an unfamiliar website, and she sees no pictures, so she simply closes her browser and goes back to work on a different claim. Later on, Erin notices that her workstation is running much more sluggishly than it ever has before. In addition, documents are taking far more time to load than usual. Of the below scenarios, which seems the most likely under the circumstances?

a. Erin’s system was subjected to a malicious pharming attack.

b. Erin was the victim of a vishing attack (also known as a social engineering attack).

c. Erin was the victim of a phishing attack.

d. Erin’s system is running slowly due to an issue with capacity planning.

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