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WAN Technologies:

Dedicated Lines

An example of a dedicated line is a leased line or a point-to-point link, is a communications line with ongoing transmission, rather than having an on/off status as transmission is required. These lines run over a dedicated analog or digital point-to-point connection that can interconnect different types of networks. Synchronous circuits require the same clock so that the receiving circuit knows exactly when each frame bit is received.

There are several dedicated line speeds used, and they’re based on the standard digital signal level 0 (DS-0) rate of 64 kbps. The T-carriers are the most common dedicated lines in North America.

  • The T1 carrier can carry 24 DS-0s for a capacity of 1.544 Mbps.
  • The T3 carrier is a dedicated phone connection. It consists of 672 individual DS-0 channels and supports data rates of approximately 45 Mbps. The T3 is also commonly called DS-3 and carries 28 T1 lines.
  • The E1 carrier is the most common dedicated lines in Europe and other countries, and can carry 30 DS- 0s for a capacity of 2.048 Mbps.

WAN Switching:

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