Token Ring Operation

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Token Ring Operation:

Another station on the Token Ring is chosen to be the Active Monitor (AM). This station extracts continuously circulating frames that are not removed by a defective transmitting station. As a frame passes the AM, the monitor count bit is set. If a frame passes with the monitor count bit set, the AM assumes that the original sender of the respective frame was unable to remove the frame from the ring. The AM then discards this frame, sends a Token Soft Error message to the Ring Error Monitor, and produces a new token.

The AM also supplies timing status to ring stations. It implements a 24-bit propagation delay to prevent the end of a frame from wrapping back to the beginning of the frame, and also verifies that a data frame or token is received every 10 milliseconds.

Standby Monitors and Ring Error Monitors are also on Token Ring networks. Standby Monitors will assume AM responsibilities if the main AM is extracted from the ring or no longer performs its functions. Ring Error Monitors can also be present on the ring to collect ring status and error information.

If a station does not receive any additional frames…

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