The Three Types of Penetration Tests

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The Three Types of Penetration Tests:

Penetration testing, which is also referred to as ethical hacking, tests a system’s defense against attacks, and performs a detailed analysis of the system’s weaknesses. A penetration test can also be applied to ascertain what happens with the system goes into reaction-mode to an attack and what information can be collected from the system. The three types of penetration tests:

  • Full Knowledge Test: The penetration testing team has the most extensive knowledge possible about the system to be tested. This test will replicate a certain attack that might be tried by an informed employee of an organization.
  • Partial Knowledge Test: The penetration testing team has knowledge that might have relevance to a specific type of attack.
  • Zero Knowledge Test: The penetration testing team comes in with no information about the system and must collect the information which is part of the testing process. The next step is to simulate an attack by a would-be hacker that has no prior knowledge of the information system.

Penetration testing is often described as…

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