The M of N Control Policy

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The M of N Control Policy:

This is a back-up process of public and private key material over multiple systems or devices. It’s a tool that prevents the re-creation of private and public key material from the backup. The key materials are backed up and then mathematically distributed across several systems or devices. Usually three people are assigned specific, separate job responsibilities within different portions of the organization. These clarifications impedes attempts to recover keys without permission. The mathematical equation supports any number of users up to 255 for the splitting activity.

Assuming a key can be used throughout its validation period without revocation, it is then renewed. Identify verification is not required to obtain a new certificate. If the certificate is in good standing, and the key is renewed with the same CA, the old key can be used to sign the request for the new key. There should be established trust between the renewer and the CA based on the person’s credentials.

Key update is a second type of renewal where a new key is produced by modifying the existing key. The process of key renewal depends on the user and CA requirements. The process is also applied with a CA’s key pair as those keys undergo renewal as well. A CA can also use its old key to sign the new key.

The PKI renewal process is performed by creating three new keys:

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