Logic Bombs, Trojan Horses and Active Content

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Logic Bombs, Trojan Horses and Active Content:

Logic Bombs: Logic bombs are malicious code that corrupt a system but are dormant until they’re activated by the occurrence of one or more logical conditions, and deliver malicious payload to unsuspecting computer users. Simple logic bombs may be triggered according to system date or time while others may use more advanced specifications such as the removal of a file or user account, or the changing of permissions and access controls. Many viruses and Trojan horses, such as the famous Michelangelo virus, contain a logic bomb component.

Trojan Horses: A trojan horse takes a piece of malicious code and conceals it. Some Trojan horses are fairly benign while others wipe out all the data on a system causing extensive damage in a short period of time. Back Orifice is a well-known Trojan horse for the Windows operating system. To release Back Orifice onto a system, an attacker places Back Orifice within the installation package of a useful application or utility. When an unknowing user installs the useful application or utility they also install Back Orifice, now running in the background and gives the malicious attacker remote administrative access to the target computer.

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