Environmental and Personnel Safety

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Environmental and Personnel Safety:

Under all circumstances, the most important element of physical security is the safeguarding of human life. This is the main goal for all security methods. Flooding, fires, release of toxic materials, and natural disasters jeopardize human life as well as the stability of a facility. Preserving the environment of a facility is an integral function in upholding safety for personnel. Although natural disasters cannot be averted, the resulting impact can be mitigated in building facilities able to withstand those disasters, securing high fire ratings, and proper mechanisms like sprinkler systems, etc. Basic elements such as power, noise, and temperature fluctuations can be examined.

Electrical Power Supply

Electronic equipment, including computer systems, is impacted by the quality of the power supply. The power supplied by electric companies fluctuates in consistency. Most electronic equipment requires clean power to function efficiently and equipment disturbances of damage due to power fluctuations in the quality of the power supply is common. Power supply issues such as spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts impact the stability and operation of the electronic equipment.

Organizations can implement devices designed to protect electronic equipment from power supply problems.

These devices include surge suppressors and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS):


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