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A component of network fundamentals, Subnetting prevents Ethernet collisions and conflicts in address assignment. Creating subnets allow an organization to divide the physical network into several logical networks. Network segmentation through subnetting allows for easier management and improved security. To be able to subnet, one first must understand binary to decimal conversion. Sub netting helps to create new IP addresses and this is especially important to know as IP6 is in the works, as demonstrated in this S3SS10N Wednesday video. A solid understanding of subnetting is vital for managing your networks and the overall Security Architecture. The Cybrary Subnetting Skill Certification Course teaches how subnetting works, how IP addresses are broken down, and the purpose of subnetting in security and network administration, as well as what network components are represented. This course will also prepare you to explain network classes, dot-decimal notation, CIDR notation, subnet masks, and routing.
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Recommended Experience (one or more of the following): 0.5 – 2 years Completion of the CompTIA A+ and Network+ courses or Equivalent education

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