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Shanghai Cyber Security Jobs

Shanghai is the largest city in China with an astounding population of 24 million people! It’s located in a river delta on the Yangtze River in the far eastern reaches of the Chinese mainland. It has historically been an important port city and economic hub due to its location and has served as a major link between East and West with respect to commerce.

Shanghai has been at the center of international conflict dating back to the 19th century tangled with Great Britain over the opium trade. It also had run-ins with Japan during both the Sino-Japanese War as well as during WWII when the city experienced wholesale destruction.

Shanghai went through a great deal of economic and political turmoil and personal hardship during the Communist Cultural Revolution. Heavy taxation hampered the development of its infrastructure. The central government finally relented in 1991 and ensuing economic reforms ushered in a massive wave of development that continues to this day.

Cyber Security Jobs in Shanghai

Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of mainland China. It is also the home of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which does a third of the world’s trading volume. An economic stimulus program was created to introduce a number of reforms to encourage foreign investment in Shanghai. The economic growth experienced by Shanghai over the past twenty years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

In addition to financial services, retail, and real estate, Shanghai also has robust manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Industries ranging from steelmaking to shipbuilding are present in Shanghai along with one of China’s three largest auto makers. Shanghai’s prime location at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta has allowed it to become the world’s busiest container port and Shanghai is well on its way to becoming an international shipping hub. The city is also host to a large number of meetings and international gatherings, which only continues to grow year over year.

Plenty of opportunities to land cyber security jobs in Shanghai exist in all of these industries. If you’re a Chinese citizen then you’re all set! Shanghai cyber security jobs also exist for foreigners and ex-pats with a little patience and persistence. For American citizens, there are opportunities with American companies with regional offices in Shanghai such as Visa, Boeing, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, 3M, and many others. Working with state-side recruiters is your best bet for getting leads for such positions.

Living and Working in Shanghai

Shanghai is an extremely flat city with an average elevation of only 4m! It has a humid subtropical climate, but with distinct seasons. Winters are on the cold side and summers are hot and humid. The most pleasant seasons are spring and fall. Typhoons are a risk during summer and early autumn, but fortunately, none have caused too much damage in recent years. Shanghai’s climate is similar to that of Singapore.

Shanghai is a popular tourist destination renowned for its historical landmarks and extensive Lujiazui skyline (pictured above). The city also has a wealth of cultural attractions among which, are major museums devoted to regional history and art. Shanghai is often referred to as the showpiece of China’s thriving and booming economy.

Obtaining a work visa to China is not as easy as for other East Asian countries, but can be accomplished for well-experienced cyber security professionals. Obtaining assistance from either a visa agency or the company sponsoring your emigration can smooth the way quite a bit.

So get started training and begin looking for cyber security jobs in Shanghai and the rest of mainland China!

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