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Sao Paulo Cyber Security Jobs

Sao Paulo is big. It’s so big, that it’s the most populous metro region in all of Brazil and the tenth largest in the world. Sao Paulo refers to the Brazilian state with the same name as well as its capital city. Sao Paulo also happens to be the wealthiest state in Brazil, and when it comes to GDP, it outranks all other countries in Latin America as well as the Southern Hemisphere. We weren’t kidding about Sao Paulo being big!

Due to its vast economic size, Sao Paulo is a regional leader in finance and commerce. It’s also a force to be reckoned with on the international scene in the arts and entertainment. As a testament to its economic prowess, the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange is located in the capital city and it also boasts several of the tallest buildings in Brazil. Despite its urban size and staggering population (~21 million in metro area), Sao Paulo is one of the rare Latin American cities that has undergone rapid growth while at the same time, managing to contain the often accompanying side effects such as air pollution and escalating crime.

San Paulo’s economic strength and leadership has attracted a multitude of foreign companies who make their regional headquarters in the city. Employment opportunities are abundant for those in the professional fields. This is particularly true for IT workers. Sao Paulo cyber security jobs are one sector within the IT field that should continue to exhibit increasing demand in the years to come.

Cyber Security Jobs in Sao Paulo

Traditionally, the industries of mining and agriculture were the prominent economic sectors in the state of Sao Paulo. Coffee remains a cash crop, along with the export of sugar (goes well with coffee), corn, soybeans, wood pulp, and sulfate. In recent years, Sao Paulo has experienced the emergence of its tertiary industries, most notably in its services industries with the finance sector leading the way.

In addition to being a major financial hub within South America, Sao Paulo is also a significant science and technology research center. The government generously funds scientific research projects and the city is also home to several major universities with research facilities that are the beneficiaries to this government largess. The energy behind these initiatives attracts companies wishing to leverage such research.

As can be seen, possibilities for employment are potentially numerous across such a varied economic landscape. This is particularly true for those with training and experience in the STEM disciplines. Cyber security jobs in Sao Paulo are also available across all of these sectors including government, foreign-based companies, manufacturing, and especially in the area of financial services. Securing corporate data, systems, and networks is job one in the financial services and banking sector!

Living and Working in Sao Paulo

For an optimal work-life balance, Sao Paulo is difficult to surpass. Brazilians work hard, but unlike Americans, they don’t live to work and have an easier time leaving the pressures and concerns of work behind once they leave the office. The city of Sao Paulo offers a wealth of leisure time activities ranging from art, music, theater, and international culture events such as Sao Paulo Art Biennial. There is a well-developed tourist industry supported by hotels, transportation, and entertainment venues to accommodate international visitors wishing to soak up the cultural life of the city.

Sao Paulo is an extremely multicultural city and has the largest populations of ethnic Italians, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, and Arab communities outside of their own countries. Italians are by far the largest ethnic group within Sao Paulo and the Italian language has strongly influenced the accent of the spoken Portuguese in the region. Italian influence is perhaps most evidenced by the 6,000 pizzerias in the city that produce around one million pizzas per day!

There are several types of Brazilian work visas available that are dependent are your length of stay in Brazil and the nature of your employment. The Brazilian government has strict demands of the company employing foreign workers, which include a minimum investment of $200,000 USD within Brazil and proof the company will be paying the foreign employee an equivalent salary for his native country. Navigating the Brazilian consular system can be a confusing and frustrating experience. That’s why it’s good to have your prospective Brazilian employer handle as much of the visa application process as possible for you.

Sao Paulo cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!

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