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Santiago Cyber Security Jobs

Located in a valley surrounded by hills and the distant Andes vista, Santiago, Chile is a grand South American city with strong colonial overtones. Santiago is the largest city in Chile and has been its capital since the Spanish colonial era. It’s a city where the old coexists with the modern.

Santiago has been threatened with destruction on more than one occasion during its storied history. Attacks from indigenous peoples, earthquakes, and floods all made for a precarious existence. Today, the relocation of the capital city to higher ground and the assimilation of native peoples into the broader culture has eliminated two of the historical threats, but earthquakes remain an ever present danger. Despite the looming possibility of natural disaster, the city has made adjustments to withstand this threat and it continues to solidify its position as a Latin American economic and cultural powerhouse.

Chile is blessed with natural resources ranging from minerals to agriculture to fishing. Many multi-national companies have their regional offices located in Santiago. As the capital city, Santiago is the seat of government. Job opportunities beyond agriculture and manufacturing exist for IT professionals in the financial services sector as well as with international firms. Santiago cyber security jobs are available to both citizens as well as expats with relevant training, certification, and experience.

Cyber Security Jobs in Santiago

Santiago has a diverse economy that is centered on mining, agriculture, retail, and financial services. Chile is known for its mining industry, which consists of copper, gypsum, and limestone. The agricultural sector produces crops such as potatoes, dairy, beef, grains, and grapes. Wine is big business in the region and Chilean wines have earned the respect of connoisseurs from around the world.

Santiago has a sprawling financial district. The financial and industrial sectors in the city contribute 46% to the GDP of Chile. Some of the tallest buildings in Santiago are located in its financial district. The Gran Torre Santiago building within this district has the distinction of being the tallest building in all of Latin America.

All of the aforementioned industries have demand for qualified IT professionals. Chilean citizens have the inside track to many of these jobs, especially within the public sector. Professional employment opportunities exist for foreigners with the bulk of the opportunities being at the regional headquarters of international companies. Cyber security jobs in Santiago are wide open to both citizens as well as foreign workers who possess the proper credentials and employment experience.

Living and Working in Santiago

The weather in Santiago tends to the drier side, particularly during the summer months with the vast majority of the rainfall occurring during the winter months. And if you like snow, then you’ll need to trek high up into the Andes to encounter it!

Due to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Santiago is subject to quite a bit of seismic activity. A number of major quakes have rocked the city over the centuries and the ones that struck in 1960 and 1985 respectively, resulted in the government instituting strict building codes. When Chile was struck in 2010 by the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded (8.8 magnitude), 525 people were killed, but only 13 of them were in Santiago. This is in stark contrast to a similar quake that devastated Haiti only a few weeks earlier. The limited loss of life and property destruction in Santiago was directly attributed to the strict building codes put into place decades earlier.

Santiago has an extremely rich cultural scene. Museums, theaters, libraries, and monuments are located throughout the city and if you enjoy a night out at the movies, you can choose from eighteen cinemas with over 32,000 seats! The city is also host to a number of film festivals.

The city has an amusement park if you’re seeking thrills or you can visit the National Zoo on the outskirts of the city for more relaxing fun. Entertainment options are rounded out by numerous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and getting to any of these attractions is made easy courtesy of Santiago’s advanced public transportation system.

The application process for securing a Chilean work visa is rather complex and requires close attention to detail. This involves obtaining a notarized work contract and employer letter that need to be presented at the Chilean embassy in your own country. However, the process is made much easier with a cooperative employer handling their part on the other end in Santiago.

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