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Salvador Cyber Security Jobs

The state of Bahia (capital Salvador) in Brazil is recognized the world over for its flavorful cuisine, rich African-influenced culture, and having some of the best beaches in the world. Salvador must have something going for it that other cities within Brazil that even exceed it in size, such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo, both envy and admire it.

Located on the northeast Atlantic coast of Brazil, Salvador was the original capital of Brazil. The mantle of capital city was eventually passed onto Rio de Janeiro and ultimately settled with the bland interior city of Brasilia. But that hasn’t really mattered to the inhabitants of Salvador. They have much more important things to concern themselves with, such as being host to the world’s largest carnival celebration!

Things aren’t all play in Salvador. The capital of the state of Bahia also has a thriving economy based around its strategic position as an Atlantic port. Employment opportunities in Salvador exist for IT professionals among both Brazilian and Foreign-based companies. Salvador cyber security jobs will only continue to increase with expansion of the tourist industry as well as among the major auto manufacturing companies headquartered in the city.

Cyber Security Jobs in Salvador

Economically, Salvador ranks in the top-3 of Brazilian cities. Its rich culture based around world class seafood, gorgeous beaches and climate, and well-preserved colonial era architecture attracts visitors from around the world. And that doesn’t include the 800,000 or so visitors that descend upon the city to revel in the world’s largest carnival. Its tourism city is highly developed with a wide array of hotels across all price ranges and a dizzying assortment of restaurants. The tourism industry is the impetus for major construction projects within the city.

Oil refining is a major industrial sector in this coastal city. In addition to the presence of Brazilian divisions of the Ford Motor Company and Brazilian JAC Motors, American-based Monsanto also has a major petrochemical plant in Salvador.

Finding positions with companies in these sectors shouldn’t be too difficult for well-qualified IT professionals, especially those seeking cyber security jobs in Salvador.

Living and Working in Salvador

Salvador has a tropical rain forest climate, and as a result, receives plenty of precipitation, unlike the much drier interior capital city of Brasilia which experiences brush fires during its dry months. Salvador is unique in that it’s divided into an upper and lower town. A large elevator system was built to ferry people between the two sections.

In addition to all the great food and expansive beaches, there are also a multitude of other leisure activities available for both residents and tourists. There are numerous green spaces in Salvador to visit and enjoy. Salvador has four parks that have been designated protected green areas. The largest is Pituaçu Park that rivals New York’s Central Park. It covers 450 hectares within the heart of Salvador.

For non-Brazilians looking to live and work in Salvador, obtaining a Brazilian work visa can be a challenging endeavor requiring patience and the ability to navigate the Brazilian consular system. Our Sao Paulo page has more information on the Brazilian visa application process.

Salvador cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!



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