S3SS10N Wednesday – Knowing the CISSP Mindset: How to pass

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S3SS10N Wednesday – Knowing the CISSP Mindset: How to pass

Published: November 16, 2016 | By: Kelly Handerhan | Views: 11451
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This Weeks S3SS10N Wednesday

This session offers participants tips on how to pass the CISSP Exam. It bears iterating that while this exam is difficult, examinees who do not pass often find their knowledge fell short in one of the following areas:

  1. How much security is enough?
  2. Who is ultimately responsible?
  3. Don’t fix problems (you are a risk advisor)
  4. Fix the process, not the product
  5. Security transcends technology
  6. Technical questions are for managers
  7. Defense in depth

Using the points listed above, examinees can have the greatest chance of passing this exam and obtaining the certification. This exam is unique such that technically minded people need to think as a business person and consider it a technical exam with a business purpose.

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About This S3SS10N Wednesday's Contributor

Kelly Handerhan
Skilled and certified in CISSP, CASP, and PMP, SME Kelly has taught several courses on Cybrary and is highly praised for her ability to effectively communicate important information in a relate-able and understandable way.
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  1. Both RNC and the DNC were hacked. That’s been established. Why information hasn’t been leaked for the Republican party is most likely because they were all compromised/blackmailed with those emails. This was Russia.

    I worked at Anthem where we had the breach. This was China.

    US companies are extremely behind regarding protecting their networks from hackers.

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