S3SS10N Wednesday – Python Implants

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S3SS10N Wednesday – Python Implants

Published: February 8, 2017 | By: John Foster | Views: 11803
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This Weeks S3SS10N Wednesday

This lesson teaches participants how to create a simple Python implant. An implant is a program on a computer which connects back to a command or control. There are many types of implants and numbers of methods to writing them. Knowledge of implants is crucial as hackers often utilize them to invade and cause damage on a system. Implants can do different things but tend to use some variety of remote code execution. Given step by step instructions, participants learn how to write a simple Python implant which connects to a remote server, pulls down a payload and executes it. The payload will be executed out of memory; which is done via a data serialization method called Pickle. This method minimizes the on-disk footprint of the implant since a small amount of code is involved, so the implant does not take up much space. The payload also never touches the disk, which means it is infinitely more difficult for the implant to be discovered. Since it does not contain the payload, it makes it hard for responders to determine what happened. At the conclusion of this lesson, participants will have learned how to create three simple Python scripts:

  • Payload generator
  • Web server
  • Implant

The SME also talks about a variety of Python libraries and white papers participants can utilize to discover additional information about creating Python implants.

Whiteboard Notes

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About This S3SS10N Wednesday's Contributor

John Foster
John Foster is a security researcher and do-er of things for Point3 Security. . He has a degree in Information Systems from Shippensburg University and an MBA from Texas A&M - Commerce. He worked previously at the United States Navy and the Pentagon, doing cyber-y things. He currently teaches cyber operations and reverse engineering for the DoD.
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  1. Where and how to download python for beginners

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