S3SS10N Wednesday – Guide to Anonymity

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S3SS10N Wednesday – Guide to Anonymity

Published: July 6, 2016 | By: | Views: 12944
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This Weeks S3SS10N Wednesday

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In this “Session Wednesday” video, learn the basics of covering a online footprint, and how to remain anonymous while on the web. Even with advanced applications like tor, anonymity cannot be guaranteed. But at the same time, the harder it is to track an individual, the less likely someone would pursue. VPNs add another layer to the anonymity of a user, but how trustful is the VPN? Does the VPN keep logs? If so, it defeats the purpose of anonymity.

Even when behind Tor and a VPN, a simple browser leak will give information away.
check out BrowserLeaks.com to test your browser.
Be sure to keep browsers updated, certain vulnerabilities in browser could lead to loss of anonymity.

For optimal anonymity, a privacy oriented distro is a must. A few popular ones include Whonix and Tails. In addition, Qubes, a privacy based OS that focusing on isolating processes and programs, has gotten a lot of attention lately, and was even endorsed by whistle blower Edward Snowden and Tor developer Lovecruft.

WebRTC is an easy way to get information from a browser and is often overlooked. Certain plugins can claim to block WebRTC, however a few were beaten by an iframe. STUN requests can also give information away.

Downloading a massive amount of privacy plugins could also lead to a loss of anonymity. The unique set of plugins creates a profile for that user, which could also lead to anonymity. When combined with behavior analytics such as time of activity, diction, and other patterns, it will not matter how many names that individual has.

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An information security enthusiast with a personal passion for red-teaming and malware.
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  1. Is there any possibility to find the exit nodes by ourselves…

  2. Great information, but couldn’t you find a human to read all the text?

  3. Great session……

  4. At first I was concerned about the first description of TOR but as it went on I understood that it was just the baseline for your video and everything was going to build off of it. Very good stuff in here.

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