S3SS10N Wednesday – Cyber Insider Threat

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S3SS10N Wednesday – Cyber Insider Threat

Published: August 3, 2016 | By: Max Alexander | Views: 4416
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This Weeks S3SS10N Wednesday

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About This S3SS10N Wednesday's Contributor

Max Alexander
Currently a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Max is a graduate of the Defense Cybercrime Investigation Academy’s Cyber Crime Investigation program. He has 17 years of special operations and investigative experience, and has worked with and provided training to local, state, federal, and foreign law enforcement and military organizations.
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  1. Awesome video, I just wanted to know the names of the malicious insiders you referred to (Edward Snowden,…)!

  2. Thnx for sharing…great presentation…

  3. Great info and thanks for the presentation. It’s something that most of us in IT Security are aware of and some is learned through best practice. It’s a topic that I get invites for webinars for on a daily basis. The biggest threat is becoming noticed as the Insider, and for good reason. I would think/hope that most insider incidents are actually caused through non-malicious, non-intentional means (lack of knowledge, lack of training, etc). Either way, this is good information to make sure we stay focused and do not ignore possible threats. Again, thanks for the information,

  4. Thanks for the presentation!

  5. This three piece suit plus the bow tie are all that. BTW: great presentation.

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