Breaking Into Information Security

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Breaking Into Information Security

Published: July 27, 2016 | By: StevenE | Views: 10509
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This Weeks S3SS10N Wednesday

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Join StevenE (@infosec_eskimo) as he gives details on joining the world of Information Security (InfoSec). Cyber Security might seem like a difficult field to start in, but there are a few key-points to remember.

Finding an experienced mentor will greatly accelerate learning by serving as an aide, and pointing towards topics that best suite needs. Setting up a virtual lab at home is a great way to learn the tools of the trade in a safe environment. Red Hat Linux is a must since it is used by many corporate environments; and our friends at Linux Academy have a great set of Linux Courses, for those that are interested!

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About This S3SS10N Wednesday's Contributor

Addicted to CTFs and RedTeam Engagements, StevenE (@Infosec_Eskimo) is Cybrary's Security Researcher
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  1. beautiful piece there.cybersecurity should be free for all to learn.
    I am glad to join your world.:)

  2. great advice and motivation.
    Big thanks

  3. Thanks for pulling together what may seem as common sense to some on how to get started. My background spans multiple decades in computer programming but very little in security. As I attempt to align my career into security I have found it difficult to know were to start. I have always hesitated to post anything in the fear that I could be educating the wrong group of people. A clear theme of yours is to share, team up, and publish. I will take your advice, to be more public in the future.

    Thank You

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