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Wednesday, March 10th | 04.30 PM EST
Onboard, Develop, and Retain Your Cybersecurity Team
Learn how Cybrary for Teams, the leading cybersecurity workforce development platform, enables you to not only find but close cybersecurity skill gaps. We help ensure your team works smarter and faster, effectively implements processes and technologies, and is prepared for what’s next.
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Mar 10

This session focuses on building a skilled cybersecurity team. The benefits of developing your team’s skills are clear, but nearly 80% of IT and Security leaders say they don't yet have a way to ensure team knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

Always Prepared: The Keys to Building a Skilled Cybersecurity Team

In this session, Ruta Bhatt reviews the top common challenges for businesses today and explains the important role industry certifications (and how to attain them) play in solving those issues.

Enhancing Your Team’s Certification Preparation Process

In this walkthrough, Ruta explores the common pitfalls of onboarding and shares Cybrary's view on how to optimize the process to drive meaningful outcomes for your organization.

Optimize Onboarding: Driving New Hire Success

In this session, Angela Wood covers career pathing options on the Cybrary for Team's platform and the impact you'll notice within your organization, immediately.

Career Pathing: How to Fuel Your Cybersecurity Team’s Career Growth

In this 30-minute session, Soren Berglund covers creating a consistent and scalable onboarding process through utilizing Cybrary’s comprehensive Teams platform.

Developing Teams to Meet Modern Security Challenges

In this webinar, Angela explains the root causes skills gap and provides a targeted approach to scaling effective certification preparation to teams, how to approach supplemental prep materials, and how to know when teams are ready to pass the exams.

Developing Effective Certification Preparation Strategies