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Quito Cyber Security Jobs

Quito by Rinaldo Wurglitsch

Quito, the capital of Ecuador has led a turbulent existence. In pre-Colombian days, rival Indian peoples fought one another for control of the region. In turn, they were conquered by Spanish conquistadors. The succeeding centuries saw invasions, revolution, and ultimately a civil war before things settled down. Today, Ecuador has a stable government, a rich culture, and a growing economy.

Quito lies on a plateau in the shadow of an active volcano, which gives it the dual distinction of being the highest capital city in the world at 9.350 feet above sea level as well as the only one menaced by a volcano. Wawa Pinhincha last erupted in 1999 spewing a large amount of ash on the city below. With a population just over 2 million people, Quito is the second most populous city in the Ecuador. Quito contributes the lion’s share to Ecuador’s GDP, and interestingly, also has the largest rate of tax collection in the country. Few world cities can make that boast!

Quito, and the country of Ecuador, both have a modest economy that while continuing to expand, is not in the same league as some of South America’s economic behemoths such as Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Santiago. However, opportunities do exist for experienced IT professionals with government agencies as well as private services companies with Quito cyber security jobs topping the list for in-demand IT professionals.

Cyber Security Jobs in Quito

Quito is one of two major industrial hubs in Ecuador along with the city of Guayaquil. It produces textiles, pharmaceuticals, and the hand-crafted items it has become famous for such as those made from leather, wood, gold, and silver. In addition to being the government and political center of the country, Quito is also a prime location for education and culture as well as a key tourist destination.

Ecuadorian citizens have the inside track to professional positions with government agencies and ministries in the capital city, but positions with private companies are open to both citizens and expats. Cyber security jobs in Quito are a great place to begin looking for IT employment within Ecuador.

Living and Working in Quito

The high altitude of Quito is a moderating factor for the average temperature of the city. Despite being almost on the equator, the temperature in Quito is rather mild. The region has only two seasons and can be characterized as wet and dry. An important point to keep in mind while living and working in Quito is that due to its close proximity to the equator, it receives some of the most solar radiation in the world. A high SPF sunscreen and UV polarizing sunglasses are a must!

Ecuador issues two main types of visas: non-immigrant and immigrant and there are work visas under each category. It’s important that you decide on your status prior to applying for an Ecuadorean work visa – will it be a short term, temporary position or do you intend to emigrate to Quito as part of a permanent living and working arrangement?

Quito cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!

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