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Perth Cyber Security Jobs

Unlike many Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, Perth, Australia is located on the far western end of the continent. In a way, Perth is a bit of an outsider. It’s one of the most isolated cities in the country with its nearest neighbor, Adelaide, over one thousand miles away. It was also the last to join the Australian Federation and reluctantly at that.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is the fourth most populous city in the country with just over two million people. The city is sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and a low coastal escarpment known as the Darling Scarp. Its proximity to South East Asia made it a strategic port during WWII and it even experienced a bit of wartime action. Today, Perth is home to government offices for the state of Western Australia and its major industries center around mining and the processing of natural resources; a vestige of the 19th century gold rush.

Beyond industries centered around government, mining, and agriculture and the services supporting these sectors, Perth’s economy hasn’t developed very much into tech or research sectors like Adelaide or Sydney. Employment opportunities exist for IT professionals in Perth, but they are not nearly as abundant as in the aforementioned cities. However, Perth cyber security jobs might provide a leg up for well-qualified professionals seeking work in the Western region of Australia.

Cyber Security Jobs in Perth

Perth’s economy took off during the 1960s as more focus was placed on its position as the main service center for the natural resource industries of the state. These resources included gold, iron ore, diamonds, coal, oil, natural gas, among others. These services industries provide the bulk of the employment in Perth today.

Due to its extreme geographic isolation, Perth never received the opportunity to develop much of a manufacturing base. The difficulty of delivering products outside of the region pretty much put a damper on growing a manufacturing base serving more than the local economy.

Nevertheless, a growing population stimulated growth in retail, business services, health, education, and personal services. Professional employment opportunities exist in these sectors, though it most likely requires a bit more effort and patience to secure a job offer. Cyber security jobs in Perth may not be as plentiful as in other, more global Australian cities, but as awareness increases regarding cyber threats, the opportunities in the cyber security field should increase over time.

Living and Working in Perth

Perth has a climate very similar to Sydney on the opposite coast of the continent, which is one with extremely hot summers and mild winters. It also gets plenty of sunshine averaging about 8.8 hours of rays per day.

Musical performers tend to avoid making Perth an Australian tour stop due to its long distance to other cities on the continent. The city makes up for it with a home grown version of musical acts and enjoys a vibrant art, music, and theater scene. Perth is also a popular tourist destination and plays host to several international cultural events throughout the season.

Due to somewhat limited employment opportunities in Perth, it’s probably best to visit the city first as a tourist. You are then free to explore the city and surrounding region while taking time to investigate the business landscape of Perth. If things look promising, then visit our Melbourne cyber security jobs page for info on applying for an Australian work visa.

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