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Paris Cyber Security Jobs

There are few world cities more beautiful or culturally rich in which to live and work than Paris, France. Simply saying the city’s name conjures images of the sights for which it has long been famous. Imagine grabbing a table outside of one of its many cafes and enjoying a glass of wine or cup of coffee after a long day at the office!

Paris is a big city in terms of population and though the population density within the city proper has remained relatively stable over the years, expansion into its suburbs has been substantial. The population within the administrative borders of Paris is around 2.2 million with another 10.5 million people living in the outskirts of the city. Housing within the city limits is cramped and expensive, which has been a contributing factor to suburban migration.

Paris ranks as the fifth wealthiest region in Europe with its GDP contributing 30% to the overall GDP of France. Paris’s economy is primarily based on services, but there is a high degree of diversification among these sectors. Employment opportunities exist across multiple professions and IT professionals can find positions at many of the companies headquartered in Paris and its environs. Paris cyber security jobs can be found at financial services and other sectors where securing corporate networks and private data is a crucial need.

Cyber Security Jobs in Paris

The bulk of the Paris economy (80.6%) is centered on services and commerce. The remaining portion is allocated to construction and industry. Employment is distributed across professional, scientific and technical services, transportation, finance and insurance services, tourism, and non-market services such as education and public administration.

Paris has several districts with particular economic specializations. The central business district is home to the financial and insurance services industries. It also has a large concentration of retail stores, hotels and restaurants as well as government offices. Other districts house media, information technology, and the defense industries. Paris is also home to the top-10 French companies on the Fortune Global 500 list.

Opportunities for both French citizens as well as immigrants exist for credentialed and experienced IT workers. Demand exists for systems analysts, database specialists, programmers and network engineers. These positions can be found with both high-tech and scientific companies as well as services and financial organizations. Cyber security jobs in Paris exist across all industrial sectors with certified cyber security professionals having the inside track.

Living and Working in Paris

Paris is a wonderful place to live and work, but it’s not cheap. Like New York and London, it requires a good income to afford housing within the city proper. It’s probably best to look for housing outside the city and commute to work. You will then have more disposable income to enjoy all the riches and wonders the City of Lights has to offer on your days off!

Obtaining a work visa for France is involved, but straightforward and requires securing a job and a work contract before applying. The good news is that French immigration laws tend towards the liberal side.

Paris cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!


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