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ysatvilkar | Advanced Penetration Testing | Module 4 - Information Gathering

By: yog_sat | Related Course: Advanced Penetration Testing | Published: August 7, 2017 | Modified: August 7, 2017
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NotepadInfo Gathering - Domain

whois domainname
whois bulbsecurity.com
whous georgiaweidman.com

nslookup or host command to get more information about domain and subdomain
nslookup www.bulbsecurity.com

*Find mail servers
>set type=MX

*Find DNS servers
>set type=NS

*Find all servers/records
Zone transfer

host -t ns bulbsecurity.com (it will give name of DNS Server)
host -l bulbsecurity.com DNS_Server_Name1
host -l bulbsecurity.com DNS_Server_Name2

Sample –
host -t ns zonetransfer.me
host -l zonetransfer.me DNS_Server_Name1

It shows the result of all hosts.

fierce tool – Perl script
fierce -dns Microsoft.com

NotepadInformation Gathering (part 4) recon-ng


recon-ng in Kali
Its similar to Metasploit

Google dorks – Google Hack for Searching

Google searching technique by which you can find more details. It’s managed by ExploitDB currently.

NotepadInformation Gathering (part 5) NMAP

TCP Scan – nmap -sS IP_Address -p port
UDP Scan – nmap -sU IP_Address -p port

Version Scan – nmap -sV IP_Address

nmap -sV -p port IP_Address

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