Computer Hacking and Forensics Notes

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Introduction (Click to View Notes)

Forensics Overview Transcript There are 15 Modules in the Computer Forensics class. The course begins by introducing you to Computer Hacking and Forensics and we’ll close out with an Exam review Module as well. This whiteboard presentation provide [view]

Module 1 - Modern Forensics (Click to View Notes)

Modern Forensics In this first module, you are introduced to the history of forensics, how it got started and where, how it’s evolved since the 18th century when the practice was first established, as well as a play by play look as the disciplines [view]

Module 2 - Investigative Process (Click to View Notes)

Investigative Process md5sum Lab For the md5Sum Lab, we observe where to navigate and download, the md5Sum utility. md5Sum is an integrity algorithm utility from eTree, you can download it from the site which is the most trustworthy resourc [view]

Module 3 - Searching and Seizing (Click to View Notes)

Searching and Seizing In Module 3, Searching and Seizing, we introduce you to the very complex subject which is heavily focused of legalities and legal terminology. We begin with a discussion on the 4th Amendment, which protects us as citizens agains [view]

Module 4 – Digital Evidence (Click to View Notes)

Digital Evidence This module opens up with a basic definition of Digital Evidence, the types of Digital Evidence and reviewing examples of the types of digital evidence. Then we explore the Rules of Evidence and what constitutes a federal regulation [view]

Module 5 – First Responder (Click to View Notes)

First Responder Hex Workshop Overview Lab In this lab, we introduce you to Hex Workshop, a software tool used to edit the hex decimal information of a file. It takes you thru the install and config process, selects a number of the components and scre [view]

Module 6 – Computer Forensics Labs (Click to View Notes)

Computer Forensics Labs Paraben P2 Explorer Lab This lab introduces you to the P2 Explorer, a freeware tool that examines hard disk images. This tool is used for examining single or multiple computers, cell phones, network systems, any hard drive sys [view]

Module 7 – Hard Disks and File Systems (Click to View Notes)

Hard Disks and File Systems Add/Remove Pro LabThe add/remove lab is the last demonstration lab in Module 7, Hard Drives and Files Systems.This utility is great is the equivalent of Easycleaner Regshot except it finds and removes all the add/remove li [view]

Module 8 – Windows Forensics (Click to View Notes)

Net File is a command line utility that demonstrates for you whether or not files are open or closed on the network share drive.The Net File lab shows what you can do remotely to confirm sever-side if files are open, and how to use the utility to clo [view]

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