CompTIA Network+ Notes

By: Tobraham | Related Course: CompTIA Network+
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Module 1.1 - OSI and TCP/IP Models (Click to View Notes)

TCP / IP - describes our networking model in a different series of layers like OSI, but the layers are slightly differentN.I.T.A. "Never Ingest Toxic ApplesNetwork Interface - similar to L1 and L2 on OSI modelInternet Layer - L3Transport Layer - L4Ap [view]

Module 1.2 - Devices & Protocols in Relation to OSI Model (Click to View Notes)

OSI Model RecapPDNTSPA (Please do not throw sausage pizza away)1. Physical - things you can touch/measure/see physically  that sends out an electrical signal, or wireless signals.cables, NIC cards, bits, electrical impulses/signals, wireless radio [view]

Module 1.3 (Click to View Notes)

Refer to the ways our individual device tries to talk to other devices on the network.Unicast - "one-to-one" IPv4: 1 -> 1IPv6: includes addresses known as Link local, Site local, Unique local, Global UnicastMulticast - "one to many"IPv4: computer [view]

Module 1.4 (Click to View Notes)

Routers move data to *other* networks, as opposed to internal ones.allow segmentation and subnettingmanage traffic flowManage Routing Tableswhere to pass data (where is when the destination is outside of your local networkkeep tack of ne [view]

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