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Clouds | Metasploit | Module 2 - Metasploit Fundamentals

By: Clouds | Related Course: Metasploit | Published: December 16, 2016 | Modified: December 16, 2016
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Notepadmsfconsole interface

First start the postgresql service an then start the metasploit.

after starting the metasploit check the database status by typing : db_status

help : for seeing all the commands

help search : this will show the all options and help forsearch commands.

sameway we can use ”help” with any command to get the info of that command.

”search” command can be used to search for any exploit or any keyword or any payload we want to use:EG: search reverse_tcp

”use” command will make use of that exploit or that payload:EG: use payload/windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

”back” function will get you in the back stage.

”show options” will show you the options available for that payload or exploit.

set LHOST ip

setg LHOST ip : This will set that ip for every time the metasploit starts or else without setg it will not set that predefined ip everytime the metaspploit starts.To remove   unsetg LHOST ip.

search platform: windows ”This will search for the specific search name for windows”

search excel

show options

show target ”what are the target for that excel exploit”

show payloads ”what are the payloads available for that excel exploit”




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