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By: Clouds | Related Course: CompTIA Security+ | Published: September 16, 2016 | Modified: September 19, 2016
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NotepadAccess Control

Identification: Username/User ID provided by the user.

Authentication: It is a process by which system sees if its real.

Authorization: After authentication, it checks what permissions does a user have.

ACL.: types of permission that a user or group have.

Access Control Model:

Mandatory Access:Security labels.

Discretionary access: Owners discretion/ owner will allow or dont allow the permission.

Rule Base: Set of rules

Role Base: What role do you play.(Eg:In organzatn).

NotepadAuthentication Services





NotepadBest practise for account managmt

Multiple accounts:

Only allow if he has multiple roles.Like if he is an admin and a user both then only allow the multiple accounts. Privilage in each account be different.

Shared Accounts:

Multiple user use a account over time. Keep a watch on log, who did log on , when, how.

Probihit making different accounts.

Account policy enforcement:
Credentials(Encrypt passwd; do not note down; do not share; hashing. etc..)
Group Policy(Audit account. etc..)
Password complexity.
Expiration of passsword.
Recovery of Password in case forgotten.
Disable the account or password if user is not available; terminated; died;. etc..
Lock out policy(several failed attemp lockdown the account)
Lockout thresshold(How many failed attempt will lockdown the account).
Lockout duration(Time for which the account is locked out)
Password history( eg:4, A user must use 4 new password before it can use previously make passworD).
pASSWORD reuse(Cannot use same password within the same year).
Password Length.

Group based privilages | User assigned privilages.

User access review.
Continous monitoring

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